Stephanie McMahon's Character Portrayal Is Controlled By One MAJOR Name

Despite many fans' issues with Stephanie McMahon, she actually has little creative control over her character.

WWE Chief Brand Officer and Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon has followed her father's footsteps in playing the villainous authority figure on television. While brother Shane plays the more friendly, happy and go-lucky commissioner of SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon's character usually goes against the babyfaces of the company, looking for ways to screw them over.

Stephanie also fired Mick Foley as the GM of Raw, after he refused to "fire" one his own superstars. She's often said many times that she loves playing the "bad guy" more, as well. But even though she's the daughter of the WWE chairman, Dave Meltzer tweeted that Stephanie McMahon doesn't actually control her character's portrayal:

So Stephanie McMahon may not have all that much say in her TV character, but she absolutely flourishes in playing the heel—something she's done for most of her career in the WWE.


Vince's "Mr. McMahon" gimmick is widely recognized as one of the greatest heel figures in wrestling history. It started during The Attitude Era, and shortly after the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

But with Vince rarely on television these days, he's left it in the hands of his daughter to be the ultimate TV bad guy—always looking to favor her heels while screwing over most of the babyfaces. It's worked to perfection, seeing how guys like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins got over by feuding with her and Triple H.

During her latest run as a heel, Stephanie has fired Foley, threatened Kurt Angle's job and conspired with her father and husband to try and screw over Reigns during his main event push in 2016.

There's no denying that Stephanie—like her father— is much better and more entertaining when she's the villain. If she weren't succeeding as the bad guy, then her father wouldn't keep Stephanie in that role. Thankfully, the McMahon family tradition of having an epic heel authority figure won't end anytime soon.


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Stephanie McMahon's Character Portrayal Is Controlled By One MAJOR Name