Stephanie McMahon Reminisces About Her First TV Appearance

Back in November, Stephanie McMahon celebrated 19 years to the day when she first appeared on WWE TV, and recently caught up with her to see how she felt and what she remembered about that first appearance. The scene was set with Stone Cold Steve Austin, the WWE’s biggest star in 1998 looking for The Undertaker when he walked past a mild mannered 22-year old McMahon, and it’s one she certainly remembers well.

According to Stephanie, it wasn’t planned ahead of time to have her appear, but was rather just a quick decision made by the production team as they needed an extra, but Vince’s daughter was happy to play the role. As Stone Cold walked past, Stephanie used all her manners by saying ‘no sir’ and ‘alright sir’ (which definitely isn’t the way she’d approach it all these years later), and while it wasn’t the most memorable TV debut, it was one she remembers fondly.

All these years later, McMahon has had some fantastic moments on WWE TV, as one of the most beloved performers and most hated authority figures, but this one sticks out in her mind as an ‘incredible moment’ to be on TV alongside the company's biggest star. She’s changed a lot in those 19 years, but it’s great to see that Stephanie still remembers her first appearance so fondly, and when looking back on that scene, you can just see how she has grown and evolved over those years, as a performer and a woman.

So what do you guys think? Do you remember seeing a young Stephanie McMahon on a random episode of Raw? Would you like to see more moments involving McMahon or way, way less like I do? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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