Stephanie McMahon Returns To Open Raw

Stephanie McMahon hasn't been seen on WWE programming for weeks, but when Raw opened on Monday, McMahon interrupted Kurt Angle as he grimly tried to apologize to the Raw roster for letting his friendship with Shane McMahon cloud his vision.

Stephanie scolded Angle for allowing Raw to get attacked by Shane McMahon and the SmackDown Live roster. She was embarrassed for her brand and she blamed Angle for letting her brother take advantage of the red brand when everyone should have known what Shane was capable of. She blamed Angle for letting that happen. "Only one person is to blame. That person is you!" she explained.

She gave him a chance to make it up and named Angle the captain of Team Raw at Survivor Series. She expects the Raw team to win, and if they don't Angle would be relieved of his duties as general manager.


For those that wondered whether Angle's return to the ring was going to be a one-time event and TLC would be the last the WWE Universe would see of Angle for some time, it appears Angle will be used right away, at least one more time to make things right for Raw and its roster.

Could this lead to Angle's permanent return? Will he pick Raw's biggest stars? Will he pick his son Jason Jordan?

Angle was shocked and tried to apologize to Stephanie, but she warned Angle if he doesn't believe she'll come through on her promise to find another GM, she told Angle to just ask Mick Foley. It was the second reference to Foley, which may or may not be a hint that the WWE Hall of Famer may be on his way back to the WWE.

Angle, clearly frustrated, took his anger out on The Miz who arrived late to Raw only to find out Angle had been named captain instead of him. Angle blasted The Miz and told him he'd be defending his title against an unnamed opponent later in the night.It was a huge twist to open Raw and it makes who Angle chooses to be the focus of the show.

How will Angle handle this? Who will he choose to be on his Raw team? The rest of Raw appeared to be dedicated to finding out.


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