10 Stephanie McMahon Moments WWE Wants To Forget About

Stephanie McMahon is one of the most powerful figures in WWE. The Billion Dollar Princess, as the daughter of chairman Vince McMahon, makes an impressive figure and plays an excellent bad guy, involved in some of the company's most well-received storylines... mostly.

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Being the boss' daughter has not saved the former Women's Champion from featuring in some bizarre, controversial and downright uncomfortable segments whilst working for WWE. Here are ten moments from The Billion Dollar Princess' kayfabe career that WWE pretends never happened.

10 She Was Originally Test's Girlfriend

It is hard to think of Stephanie McMahon being involved with anybody other than Triple H, as the two Superstars have become synonymous with each other from their time during the McMahon-Helmsley era to their current Authority personas.

However, McMahon was originally romantically linked to Test in kayfabe during the early days of her professional wrestling career. This led to a rivalry between Test and Shane McMahon, culminating in a 'Love Her Or Leave Her' match between the two at SummerSlam.

9 Vince vs. Stephanie

It was a distasteful storyline that would never fly in today's PG era, but Stephanie McMahon once faced her father in a disturbingly brutal I Quit match. The Chairman of the Board choked his daughter with a lead pipe before Linda McMahon threw the towel in on Stephanie's behalf.

This match happened at No Mercy in 2003. Stephanie, who was SmackDown General Manager at the time, faced her father in a match after preventing him from pursuing an affair with Sable. This was her kayfabe reason for departure from the company from the next two years, though she was in real-life marrying Triple H.

8 Her Debut With The Undertaker

The Undertaker is now a legend in the wrestling world, so it is easy to forget that his character is quite creepy. His segment featuring a debuting Stephanie McMahon reminds fans of this, as The Phenom abducted Vince's daughter and attempting to marry her in the ring before Stone Cold Steve Austin made the save.

It was an angle that led nowhere, as McMahon moved on to a brief partnership with Test before she and Triple H took over the company following Vince McMahon's 'injuries.' It serves only as another uncomfortable segment from the Attitude Era that WWE is quick to gloss over.

7 Her Feud With Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is a Hall of Fame star with an acclaimed career behind her, but her rivalry with the Billion Dollar Princess took place during its premature days. Stratus was in a kayfabe relationship with Vince McMahon that put her in direct conflict with his daughter, Stephanie.

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Both former Women's Champions faced each other in a match at No Way Out in 2001, though on the preceding episode of SmackDown there was a strange segment where Trish slammed Stephanie's head into a limousine parked conveniently by a farm show. To add insult to injury, the Canadian star would then throw the Billion Dollar Princess into cow dung before covering her in manure.

6 Struck By The Viper

WWE hasn't always shied away from intergender wrestling. Though a PG environment limits the male and female Superstars to mixed-matches nowadays, the eras preceding those were a different story. Stephanie McMahon was no exception if this uncomfortable segment is anything to go by.

The Viper was feuding with Stephanie's husband Triple H at the time, so it was inevitable that the Billion Dollar Princess would get involved. On an episode of Raw in 2009, Stephanie would attempt to come to her husband's aid only to receive an RKO by Orton, followed by a creepy kiss whilst she was 'unconscious.'

5 The HLA Segments

WWE has not been afraid to shy away from the provocative during their history. Both the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras showcased this, a big leap behind the Women's Evolution. During Eric Bischoff's tenure as Raw General Manager, he introduced the 'Hot Lesbian Action' segments which were entirely self-explanatory.

If that wasn't enough, McMahon made an uncomfortable appearance in one segment at Unforgiven in 2002. It is a moment eagerly forgotten by WWE.

4 Her Fake Pregnancy And Sabotaged Wedding

In another humiliating storyline showcased by WWE in 2002, Stephanie's relationship with Triple H came under pressure and began to unravel in kayfabe. In response to this, Stephanie decided to fake a pregnancy and arrange a vow-renewal ceremony in the middle of the ring.

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The King Of Kings received a phone call beforehand from Linda McMahon revealing her daughter's treachery. The Game waited until the ceremony was underway before telling the crowd of her betrayal, upon which she was booed out of the building as Triple H laid out Vince McMahon with a Pedigree.

3 That John Cena Segment

During the convoluted and controversial narrative hurricane that was Stephanie and Vince's feud, SmackDown broadcast an awkward segment starring the Billion Dollar Princess and John Cena.

The Doctor Of Thuganomics requested that he be allowed to slap Stephanie's buttocks in the middle of the ring, to which she agreed. It was a controversial segment that makes their later encounters uncomfortable.

2 WrestleMania 2000

The McMahon-Helmsley era had its share of challenges, most notably The Rock. The Brahma Bull entered WrestleMania 2000 determined to win the WWE Championship, but his plans were thwarted when Vince McMahon turned on him and helped Triple H retain the WWE Championship.

The Rock laid out Triple H and Vince before Stephanie got involved. The Billion Dollar Princess was silenced with a Rock Bottom, to the delight of the crowd.

1 Her First Wedding To Triple H

Stephanie McMahon's first kayfabe wedding to Triple H is proof that WWE is not afraid to push the boundaries of storytelling. The company aired a controversial segment in 1999 in which Triple H played a video depicting him drugging Stephanie and driving to Las Vegas to get married in a drive-through ceremony.

This ultimately led to the introduction of Stephanie and Triple H's relationship in kayfabe, though admittedly an unfortunate beginning.

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