Steve Austin Teases Big Announcement, First Podcast Guest, Air Date Revealed

Steve Austin has used social media to tease a huge announcement coming soon. Most know its about his new podcast, but did you know who his first guest will be, or the name of his show? Even when it's going to air? Apparently, that's what we're all about to learn.

In what appears to be a closeup of him talking with a guest, Austin took to Twitter on Sunday and teased an announcement that could come as early as Monday's Raw. He wrote, "Bottom Line: Kick ass announcement coming real soon. #HellYeah"

Variety.com later posted a tweet that showed a full photo of Austin speaking with The Undertaker in an interview format with a screen in the back that reads "Broken Skull Sessions." In their accompanying article, they wrote:

The company’s branded streaming service will air the monthly series “’Stone Cold’ Steve Austin: The Broken Skull Sessions,” with the first episode set to air on Nov. 24 at approximately 10:30 p.m. ET after the annual WWE pay-per-view Survivor Series.

In short, this will be the name of his new show that is set to air on WWE Network after Survivor Series and part of WWE's promise to offer new content on the platform.

Austin's Show Will Do Well

While WWE works hard to launch a series of podcasts through a new partnership, posting many of the segments of that show to YouTube and on may podcast platforms, it is important they not forget those subscribers on WWE Network who want new, fresh and interesting content. There may be no one better to provide that than Steve Austin.

If the Undertaker is the level of guest fans can expect on the show, this could be a winner for WWE and for Austin who is leaving his old podcast on Podcast One behind to work on this project. Austin said of his interview with Undertaker (Mark Calloway), “Mark has been doing The Undertaker for 30 years,” Austin told Variety. “He’s stayed in character all this time."

I suppose that means fans will get to hear a ton of conversation from The Undertaker while he's not in character. Oh Hell Ya.

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