Sting Has Some High Praise For Bray Wyatt

WWE Hall of Famer Sting has kept a fairly low profile since retiring from wrestling two years ago. But The Vigilante made an appearance Wales Comic Con on Saturday and answered fan questions regarding his career, creative control, time with WWE and much more.

Sting was asked which "young up and coming talent" he would work with if WWE approached him about it. Here was his reply:

"Bray Wyatt, I like him. I know he's not young but he has character, it's kinda old school and I like that."

For what it's worth, Sting also added that he wanted a match against The Undertaker, and would have pushed for it had he not suffered a career-ending neck injury to Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015.


Sting and Wyatt could have met for an intriguing match. With his Crow character going up against Wyatt, a feud involving two superstars with dark and gloomy gimmicks could have made for great entertainment.

A number of wrestling legends like Chris Jericho, Kane, Undertaker, and Triple H have been used to help put younger talent over in recent years. Unfortunately, the only "young" wrestler Sting got to face was Rollins, before the aforementioned neck injury and subsequent retirement.

Wyatt has already gotten to face a number of great veteran talent, including The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 in San Francisco (a time where many anticipated a Sting vs. 'Taker match), and Randy Orton on the Grandest Stage of Them All, this year. But the idea of Wyatt going up against Sting sounds all too intriguing.


Though Sting officially retired before being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he's hinted and explained many times that he'd still like to have one more match. Sting has yet to have neck surgery - which would essentially end his career.

Whether it happens or not remains to be seen. But if he does return, a match against Bray Wyatt would make for a great show.


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