Sting And The Rock Have Unexpected Twitter Exchange

Sting and The Rock never squared off despite their popularity. But that didn't stop the latter from tweeting at the former!

Two Superstars whose names you don't normally hear in the same sentence had an interesting exchange on Twitter recently— The Rock and Sting.

When it comes to dream matches in professional wrestling there aren't many that we really missed out on truth be told. The Undertaker versus Sting, Stone Cold versus CM Punk, are two that get brought up often when this topic is on the table. One match that doesn't get discussed is The Rock versus the aforementioned Sting, and it's one that would have drawn a lot of attention had it gone down.

Unlike Austin versus Punk and Shawn Michaels versus AJ Styles, Rock versus Sting is a match that could never have really happened because the Superstars' careers didn't overlap. When The People's Champ was really getting into his stride, The Icon was still in WCW doing his thing and evolving his character. It's actually the evolution of Sting that has brought these two legends together in 2017.


Sting posted a video on Twitter detailing where his next appearance would be but also chatted for a little while about how his pro wrestling persona grew and adapted over the years. The former WCW Champion discussed the multitude of variations he underwent and showed off some vintage merchandise from his past, asking fans which version of him they liked the most. Well, The Rock replied to the tweet with his preference, stating that the 88/89 version of the veteran was his personal favorite.

With the life The Rock leads now, it can sometimes slip people's minds that The Great One used to be entrenched in the world of professional wrestling. He may pop back from time to time, but for the most part, it's as if he's a different person. That's why it's nice to see things like this where Rock looks back to his previous life and demonstrates to fans that he hasn't forgotten his roots.


Considering the length of Sting's career, he not only has to go down as one of the all-time greats in professional wrestling, but also one of the best when it comes to evolving your character and keeping yourself relevant. His WWE counterpart The Undertaker is another man who does that incredibly well, and of course, Chris Jericho continues to this day.

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Sting And The Rock Have Unexpected Twitter Exchange