Sting Talks If He Can Still Wrestle

Former WCW wrestler and short-time WWE Superstar Sting made a monumental return to wrestling when he suited up to take on Triple H at WrestleMania 31. It wasn't a match-of-the-year caliber contest, but it was enough to make the WWE Universe realize how much they missed The Stinger and he was brought back in to face Seth Rollins in a short-term, not very well promoted bout.

In that match, Sting suffered a career-ending injury. He announced at this Hall of Fame speech that following year he would be retiring from in-ring competition, and it seemed clear it was due to injuries too insurmountable to overcome. In a recent Facebook Live chat, WWE Hall of Famer Sting recently shed new light on his life outside of wrestling. More specifically, he answered the question of whether or not he could still wrestle.

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Throughout his live session, he fielded a variety of questions from fans. During the Q&A he was asked about ever wrestling again and he confirmed that he can still wrestle he just doesn’t want to. He also said that he would consider an on-air role in WWE.

That answer may not sit well with fans who were hoping one day to see The Undertaker versus Sting in a dream match at WrestleMania. With The Undertaker seemingly retired and people under the impression Sting could no longer wrestle, the WWE Universe was getting settled into the idea that this may be one dream match they'd never get to see and could only play in video games.

Now that Sting could wrestle and is choosing not to, it's always going to be a "why didn't they ever get together for a match" situation.


One good bit of news to come out of his Facebook Live chat was that Sting isn't completely throwing away the idea of being involved in wrestling in any capacity. He also said that he would consider an on-air role in WWE if the opportunity were to present itself. It's hard to say where he'd fit in the current structure of the WWE hierarchy, (especially with the rumored upcoming budget cuts), but it could be interesting to see Sting back in the WWE more regularly.

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