Sting Wants to Discuss Weapon Choices With Triple H!!!

*Spoiler Alert. If you haven't seen Fastlane yet, don't keep reading!

When Triple H finally confronted Sting at Fastlane, we knew exactly what would happen. They'd fight a little bit and set up a confrontation at WrestleMania. That doesn't mean it wasn't a cool moment anyway.

Triple H attacked Sting before going to fetch his best friend, the Sledgehammer. That's when Sting fought back with his best friend, the Baseball Bat. It made for a cool moment when Sting put his bat to Hunter's neck and backed him up into the corner, before pointing to the massive WrestleMania sign to show his intentions.

So while we knew it would happen, the way it came about was still cool. All this to say, you don't bring a sledgehammer to a bar fight!

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