Sting's MRI Results And In-Ring Future in WWE

via rollingstone.com

Lets start right off with the good news. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, the results from the medical tests that Sting underwent following his Night of Champions injury, have revealed that his neck IS NOT broken.

Sting underwent both a CAT scan and an MRI and Dave Meltzer noted that, "he was able to walk [after the PPV], but he was not doing well…The MRI showed no fractures." Now, for some possible bad news.

Even though the test results were good, and showed no fractures to his spine or neck, Meltzer did also comment that even if Sting recovers to 100% health, WWE officials might be a little hesitant to put him back in the ring after such a "close call."

I guess at this point, only time will tell.

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