Stone Cold and Hot Rod Are Engaging in a Podcast Battle


Steve Austin and Roddy Piper are well known for their tempers and harsh battles. Now, the two are waging a new battle: On podcasts.

It began with Piper indicating in an April podcast that Austin had issues with Vince McMahon that prevented him from appearing at WrestleMania and comedian Will Sasso mocked Austin for "basing his career on three words." Piper's podcast was pulled quickly and he recently returned to claim Austin was behind it as Podcast One had threatened to fire Piper.

Austin commented today that the Sasso podcast actually took place earlier than Piper claimed, before Mania. He denied reports of being behind the firing, saying Hey man, I'm 50," Austin said. "I ain't got time for no soap opera, I don't want no BS in my life. I've created enough and been in enough way back in the day to [not] do it anymore.....To Roddy, you're one of the all time greats in the professional wrestling business. I cheered for you as a babyface, I booed for you as a heel and respected everything that you did. Your Hall of Fame career speaks for what it is. To that, no hard feelings. I don't want to back and forth on this, it's a closed book. That's my side of the story, I will not respond to anything else. What I've spoken is the bottom line, and what I've spoken is the truth. I had nothing to do with Roddy Piper leaving Podcast One. End of story."

Austin claimed he called the President of Podcast One and that Piper had requested a meeting to take time off for himself. While it may seem settled, given the personalities involved, it's possible this could take off for a new battle of two famed egos.


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Stone Cold and Hot Rod Are Engaging in a Podcast Battle