Stone Cold and The Rock Call Themselves Out on Twitter

@steveaustinBSR @Mega_Zarak @JRsBBQ @DoctorSquishy Yup, I had 4 moves. (Not counting the Sunset Flip I beat Austin w/ in Paducah, KY)

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) July 10, 2015

Anybody who was watching wrestling in the Attitude Era knows just how amazing and entertaining both Stone Cold and The Rock were. Not only were their characters arguably the best two in wrestling history, but they gave fans the gift of having two box office mega stars in one generation. Usually in wrestling you're lucky to get one per generation.

The two never had a huge arsenal of moves, even at their peak, yet their matches never seemed boring and they made every move count. It was funny to see the two call themselves out on it on Twitter. In response to a fan remarking that today's wrestlers seem to think wrestling's all about the amount of moves one has. Austin and Rock's response shows that shouldn't be the case.

For all the flack Cena gets for supposedly having just 'five moves of doom', we have to remember that the important thing is making the moves mean something, as Austin and The Rock did.

For the record, I can't recall any big match in which The Rock beat Austin cleanly, other than WrestleMania XIX. Did anybody happen to see that match in Paducah, Kentucky?

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