Stone Cold Knocks John Cena's 'Stunner', Calls It "Gimmick Infringement"

It appears that John Cena has added to his so-called 'five moves of doom' by adding a modification of the Stunner. Cena's version entails him jumping off the second rope, reaching back with his arm, grabbing his opponent's head and finishing the move.

The Texas Rattlesnake, the master of the Stone Cold Stunner isn't impressed with the new move, using the famous expression 'gimmick infringement'. Austin also went on to say on his most recent episode of 'The Steve Austin Show' that the Stunner is an iconic move and should mean something if it's executed in a match. Austin also said the springboard aspect of the move has the potential to be dangerous if used by a big guy like Cena.

Austin didn't seem personally offended that Cena would use it, but did say that if any form of the Stunner is used, it shouldn't just be another move, but rather the potential to end a match.

“Had they looked further down the road than the short term, [Cena] would have had a valid, great, badass finish instead of a set-up that now means nothing.”

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Stone Cold Knocks John Cena's 'Stunner', Calls It "Gimmick Infringement"