Stone Cold Praises CM Punk; Would He Have Done MMA?

Stone Cold Steve Austin was interviewed by MMA legend Bas Rutten on Inside MMA of AXS TV Fights and he discussed CM Punk's transition to Mixed Martial Arts from pro wrestling. Austin reiterated previous statements he had made that if he were to ever come back for a match, CM Punk would be his chosen opponent. Austin explained why Punk would be the ideal opponent for him:

"I like what he brings, as far as what he does in the ring, very controlled, very precise, very great psychology and great on the microphone," said Austin. "Half the battle is you've got to be in an angle that grabs people by the heart and soul to get them in the building. That comes with great promos. Me spitting off him, him spitting off me, that spells money."

Sadly, this will remain a dream, with Punk having moved on from wrestling and Austin having always been adamant about staying retired.

Austin said he wishes Punk the best of luck in the UFC and that he's looking forward to his debut.

Austin also talked about wrestlers he would've loved to have seen in MMA and if he would have ever considered it when he was younger, had it evolved to what it is today.

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