Stone Cold 'Pretty Damn Sure' He'll Be At WrestleMania 32

Stone Cold Steve Austin made some very encouraging comments in an interview with Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard site regarding his WrestleMania 32 status, and also clarified why he wasn't at 31 this year.

"There was no creative for me at WrestleMania 31. Now with WrestleMania 32 coming up in Texas, I would be pretty damn sure I’m going to be there. It’s my home state and it just makes more sense. As much as I love the business and I love my fans, I don’t want to be at every WrestleMania. I was really happy to watch it in my house."

via usatoday.com

Austin wouldn't clarify what he would be doing at WrestleMania, but already the fact that he's going to be there is great news. There are plenty of other interesting nuggets int the full interview (hell, it's Stone Cold, of course it's interesting).

Stone Cold also speaks about John Cena's springboard stunner, leaving wrestling in 2003 and his relationship with Vince McMahon. You can read the full interview here.

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