Stone Cold Steve Austin Denies WM32 Match Rumors

It seems that some rumors have been flying around about Stone Cold Steve Austin returning for a match at Wrestlemania 32. There is some definitely some logic to this thought process. He has his podcast broadcast on the WWE Network. Now, he is on the cover of the new WWE 2k16 with a storyline surrounding him in the game. Finally, Sting's future is possibly in doubt due to the neck injury at Night of Champions, so that opens something up for 'Mania.

However, Austin posted on his Twitter account today, "You can take my name off the rumor mill as a Brock Lesnar opponent at WM32. (Explicit) reporting." Well, he did not deny being someone's opponent at WM32, just Brock Lesnar. If he is in shape for competition, do not be surprised if Vince McMahon starts to really push for a return due to Sting's incapability to compete.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin Denies WM32 Match Rumors