What Stone Cold Steve Austin Was Really Saying During His Entrance

The great Stone Cold Steve Austin may have had one of the best intros in wrestling history, but fans have always wondered what he was saying as his head bobbed around going down the entryway.

One thing that everyone has wondered over the years was what Austin was saying while walking or running down towards the ring. It actually looked like he was saying a bunch of nothing. During a recent episode of the Steve Austin Show Podcast, he revealed what he was saying.

Austin said he was throwing around a bunch of f-bombs as he talked s*** the entire way to the ring. Austin says he was in the zone and in character whenever the lights came on.


“It was never gibberish. Man, I was talking s**t the whole way down. ‘Yeah, that’s right motherf**ker!’ It was just a constant stream of F-bombs. ‘Yeah, that’s right motherf**ker. I’m about to tear this motherf**ker’s ass!’ It was just that. It was sentences. And like I said earlier in the podcast how Ric Flair just believed and was living that character, hey man when I was in that world, and I was in and the zone, that wasn’t no psych job. I wasn’t trying to psych myself up. That was ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin walked to that ring with that bad motherf**ker walk, because he was sending a message to the other guy in that ring. ‘I’m fixing to whip your f**kin ass!’”

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Another WWE great in Kurt Angle recently admitted that he wanted to be like Austin prior to his WWE debut, according to Sky Sports.

"I became a huge fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was the reason I called WWE back up at the end of 1998. I said listen, I want to be that guy.

"For him, it wasn't about winning or losing. If he was going to lose, there had to be a good reason. I understood that. Steve didn't have an ego - he wouldn't have a problem losing to the right guy. He was always right about that."

That is quite a compliment for Austin. Both him and Angle are two of the all-time greats.

Angle recently returned to the ring back in October in place of Roman Reigns as the third member of The Shield for a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. It was the first time he competed in a WWE match since August of 2006.

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Even though Angle has broken his neck a total of five times, he still seems to believe he can continue to wrestle. Both Angle and Austin have a lot om common because they would both likely still be wrestling today if it wasn't for all of the injuries they've suffered over the years.

What's interesting about Angle is that he claims he never watched WWE wrestling before he won a gold medal during the 1996 Olympics. He started to pay attention to it after talking to Vince McMahon.

Going back to Austin. World Heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury says he would like to fight Austin at next year's WrestleMania. We're not sure that WWE would want anything to do with Fury given the fact that he's currently being investigated by the United Kingdom's anti-doping agency and doesn't have a boxing license anymore.

Austin seems fine with being retired as he continues to host his own podcast. It's not worth it for him to wrestle Fury.


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