Stone Cold Steve Austin Details His Near-Death Experience In WWE

WWE great Stone Cold Steve Austin was a guest on The Dan Le Batard Show this week and he spoke about the most memorable moments of his wrestling career, including one of the most terrifying moments he experienced in-ring.

Before jumping into questions about his time between the ropes, Le Batard asked Austin about how he injured Sylvester Stallone during the filming of the movie The Expendables. Austin told Le Batard that a couple months after they filmed the movie, Stallone called him while he was relaxing at his ranch and told him that he broke his neck.

Austin said he doesn't think he broke Stallone's neck, but that he rather injured himself after doing so many action movies and that his body finally broke down. He also said that Stallone would have made a great pro wrestler.

While Austin has been credited with breaking Stallone's neck, he reiterated that he believes it was just "wear and tear."

Austin was then asked about the most gruesome wrestling match that he was a part of during his career. He mentioned that War Games in 1992-93 with World Championship Wrestling was brutal since, by the end of the match, everyone was covered with blood.

Then, Le Batard asked Austin what was the most physical pain that he's ever had to endure.

"Getting dropped on my head. I was a quadriplegic for about a minute there before finishing that match in the Meadowlands, New Jersey. That was scary because I didn't think I was going to move my arms or my legs again. And right there, as I was laying in the middle of that ring in front of 20,000 people on a pay-per-view, I thought I was the next Christopher Reeves, which was not to long after he had that accident on his horse. And it scared the hell out of me. As far as that, that was the most serious."


Austin also mentioned in the interview that he suffered a concussion after being dropped on his head, but he mustered up enough strength to crawl on his forearms so he could roll up Owen Hart and win the match. He was supposed to win with a Stone Cold Stunner, but he couldn't do it. He says he still has neurological issues from that match to this day.

Austin then talked about the worst pain he ever suffered as a wrestler.

"Probably the most pain...I was working in a dark match with Triple H, at a television taping and he was laying on the broadcast table. And I decided that it was a good idea to jump from the ring and just try to put a forearm right through his throat and then I ended up blowing my ACL out. Then I was thinking, 'man that wasn't very smart.'"

Austin admitted that the knee problems and broken bones that he's suffered from crashing onto a table as well as getting hit by a chair were certainly painful during his career. He said that while many people don't like that the outcome is determined in wrestling, "it's a rough a** business to make a living in."

Austin said it was a very hard job, but he had so much fun as a wrestler.

You can watch Austin's interview below.

Austin appeared on Le Batard's show to promote his new show on CMT called Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge, which just premiered this week.

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