Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals Cost In Damages For Booker T Supermarket Brawl

Steve Austin recently revealed how much damage was done during his and Booker T's famous supermarket showdown at the tail end of 2001.

2001 in WWE is remembered for a few things. WrestleMania X-Seven, The Invasion of WCW and ECW in WWE, and when it comes to specific moments there's a particularly entertaining one that will spring to most fans' minds. The time that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T waged war inside a supermarket.


The famous skit took place after the invasion angle had come to a close during an episode of SmackDown. Booker T fled the arena and set up shop in a local supermarket, believing he would be safe from Austin if he just hung out there. The paranoid former WCW Champion wound up attacking a bald guy who looked like Stone Cold, only to be hunted down by the man himself a little while later. The two of them brawled all over the shop and did an awful lot of damage, $10,000 worth of damage to be exact.

Austin was X-Pac's guest on the nWo alumni's podcast last week, X-Pac 1, 2, 360 and revealed details about his and Booker's battle inside the supermarket, including the above detailing how much damage they did in dollars and cents. Considering the segment was less than ten minutes long, it must have taken quite the ruckus to do that much damage. Austin also revealed the name of the store, Green Frog Market, and that it has since closed.


It's pretty amazing the types of things that stick in fans' minds when it comes to professional wrestling. The months that came before this particular segment are considered pretty forgettable by most fans, as the WCW and ECW invasion angle is widely regarded as a flop because it lacked most of the big names people had been hoping to see debut and return to WWE. Yet, two guys hitting each other over the head with gallons of milk and emptying bags of flour on each other is considered timeless and will likely live on for years to come.


The supermarket segment between Austin and Booker may have recently been revealed to be an expensive one, but it was most definitely worth the money. Considering WWE aired a segment that fans are still talking about, watching, and laughing over almost sixteen years after it originally premiered, then you know they must have done something right.

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