Stone Cold Steve Austin Shoots On Roman Reigns

If you are one of the many in the WWE Universe who feels Roman Reigns needs to flip and go full-blown heel in order to shake the stigma of being a fan whipping boy, you used to have an ally in Stone Cold Steve Austin. There was a time when the Texas Rattlesnake hated the direction the WWE was taking the Reigns character, and he worried it would have a lasting impact on Reigns' career. Unfortunately, if you still believe Reigns would make a better bad guy than a good guy, "The Rattle Snake" is no longer on your side.

At one time, Austin firmly believed Reigns needed a heel turn. Now, he's finding he's more understanding of the direction the WWE and Vince McMahon are taking things. Recently, Stone Cold sat down for an interview with the host of the radio show Off the Board with Jimmy Traina  (transcribed by Cageside Seats) and Austin told Traina he thinks the WWE has finished writing the wrong types of babyface promos for Reigns and made him more of a tweener who doesn't always win but is still recognized as one of the major forces in the WWE.

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Austin said, “I think Roman is a star and I think WWE needs to continue to go down the path they’re going with him. They don’t need to flip him heel just arbitrarily to make the fans happy... I think Roman is a star. Now with that being said, is there still room for him to learn and grow? Oh, hell yeah. By leaps and bounds. He’s nowhere near where he will be in three or four years. But at this point in his career, with a few not-so-great booking ideas, but also a learning curve on his part, he is where he’s at and he’s a top guy on that roster and he’s still gonna keep improving and he has to because he’s not a seasoned veteran.”

From that quote, it's easy to see things have changed as far as Austin is concerned. Austin figures, instead of floundering around and trying to figure out what Reigns actually is, the WWE finally figured out how best to use him, and that means only good things going forward.

Austin knows what it feels like to work for a company that's not entirely sure what to do with you. Before becoming the "Stone Cold" character, Austin went through a couple different versions of his gimmick before landing big time and becoming one of the company's biggest stars in history. Things don't always go perfectly when first attempted, but that doesn't mean things can't improve.

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Is Austin suggesting Reigns could become as big a star as Austin did when 3:16 was running wild? Probably not, but "The Rattle Snake" does see big things in "The Big Dog" and it's probably wise to trust the opinion of one of the biggest stars in wrestling history.

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