Stone Cold Steve Austin Squashes Rumors Of Heat With WWE

Rumors have been running rampant since WrestleMania weekend that Stone Cold and the WWE (Vince McMahon in particular) have heat with each other. The rumor was Austin was supposed to fly in for WrestleMania and when he didn't, many assumed it was because of a disagreement between the two parties. Chris Jericho's podcast running on the WWE Network instead of Austin's further fueled speculation. Finally, Austin tweeted on Monday that he would address all the rumors on his podcast, which he did today.

On tomorrow's #steveaustinshow I offer a very simple, straight forward, no BS bottom line on myself and @WWE. Check it. @PodcastOne

— Steve Austin (@steveaustinBSR) April 7, 2015

"There's no heat. One of the rumors was I was supposed to be on an airplane with Undertaker headed down there and there was a WWE employee waiting for me and when I didn't get off the airplane everybody went into shock and anger. Not true."

"So there was no booking, there was no ideas, I didn't turn down anything. So I just simply wasn't there... I was never scheduled to be there."

Austin also said the reason he's not doing the WWE's upcoming season of Tough Enough is not due to heat between the two, but the fact that there was a scheduling conflict with Broken Skull Challenge.

Finally, Austin addressed the rumors that McMahon was upset with some questions Austin asked on the podcast with Triple H on the WWE Network.

"The deal wasn't made and we're not moving forward, end of story...

"There's no heat there. Some people said that Vince McMahon wasn't happy with the questions I was asking. Not true at all. So, again, there was a deal that could have been made, a deal was not made, and WWE went the direction they went, I'm going the direction I'm going in."

Austin wrapped it all up by saying the following:

"So, no matter what anybody says, there's no animosity from any standpoint from WWE's point of view -- I'm guessing this -- and from my standpoint, again, I'm stating this plainly, clearly, and as efficiently as I can without going into too much more details which is between myself and Vince and WWE. Private matters. But for all of the public things I just talked about, those are the answers to the questions. No heat nowhere. It's cool. Moving on."

Austin and the WWE will inevitably do something together again, because the WWE knows that if they put Austin on anything, we are going to watch it, and we'll shell out money to see him.

The full episode Austin's podcast, the Steve Austin Show, is available here.

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