Stone Cold Steve Austin Stops Fan From Getting Head Tattoo

Being dedicated to your favorite WWE Superstars is all well and good, but getting a tattoo as a tribute to them on your forehead might be a bit much.

There are many levels of WWE fan. Some people watch casually and catch it every other week, others watch the product religiously and will watch anything the company creates and broadcast regardless of what it might be about. There are any number of levels in between those two extremes as well of course.

There are some fans who are even more dedicated to the product than those detailed above, ones who are willing to get tributes to their favorite Superstars permanently inked onto their bodies via tattoos. There are social media accounts dedicated to wrestling themed tattoos. It's no surprise and there are members of any fandom that are willing to tattoo their favorite aspects of that world onto their bodies.


There is a line though, and over the weekend, a fan on Twitter hinted that he was going to cross it. The fan in question tweeted a photo of himself with Stone Cold Steve Austin's logo drawn on his head, suggesting that he was about to have it permanently tattooed there. Unsurprisingly the photo gained quite a lot of recognition, especially after Austin himself responded. Steve simply tweeted "don't do it" in response to the picture.

For those of you who have been following the saga on social media, the man in the photo (Bryan) did not get a tattoo on his forehead. He pointed out that he never actually intended to and the whole thing was just a joke. He did get the Stone Cold tattoo over the weekend, but it was on his shin as opposed to his face. Bryan did also say that he sees no issue in people having tattoos on their face, but he won't get one because he promised his grandmother that he wouldn't.

People getting tattoos on their face and neck is a hotly debated topic. While people are free to do whatever they so wish with their own bodies, provided they aren't hurting anyone else in doing so, a permanent drawing of a red-eyed skull in the middle of your forehead is probably a decision you're going to regret. Also, it may not be fair, but it will undoubtedly affect almost every aspect of your life from that point onwards.


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Stone Cold Steve Austin Stops Fan From Getting Head Tattoo