Every Time Stone Cold Used A Vehicle, Ranked

Stone Cold Steve Austin had so many different character changes in his road to becoming the most marketable and bankable star in the history of the business. From a big blond beautiful Stunning Steve to the Hollywood Blond, Superstar, and Ringmaster - the guy took several years before the perfect storm of situations came rolling through to help Austin (and the WWE) shift gears. Speaking of shifting gears, the Rattlesnake also became known for driving around in all sorts of ridiculous vehicles causing havoc throughout the WWE.

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When you drive a vehicle into a wrestling arena, it immediately creates a moment no matter who’s behind the wheel. When it was the Bionic Redneck, it became iconic - here’s Every Time Stone Cold Used A Vehicle, Ranked.

10 Zamboni

When you feel like your job screws you out of a promotion or a raise, you might get a little perturbed. But when Stone Cold got screwed out of the WWE title, perturbed doesn’t adequately describe the blood boiling inside the Texas Rattlesnake. At In Your House: Breakdown, Austin defended the WWE title against both Kane and the Undertaker. The brothers simultaneously pinned Austin, rendering the title vacant. The next night, an annoyed Austin drove a Zamboni through the back like a wild man and into the arena to assault Vince McMahon.

9 A Cement Mixer

The war between Stone Cold and the Chairman was sometimes akin to a Looney Tunes inspired game of “can you top this?” One such night on Raw, McMahon practically dared Austin to head to the arena, which he did in a giant cement truck!

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Vince had also arrived in style, in a beautiful Corvette that Austin proceeded to dump a ton of cement on. Mankind was involved in this as well as he hilariously tried to dig the keys out of the car now filled with cement.

8 “Hiho Silver!”

Every Sheriff needs his trusty steed, and for the Rattlesnake that meant driving around the WWE on an ATV. The ornery Law of Monday Night Raw would rev up his four-wheeler and drive down the ramp and around the ring posts full speed ahead, barely missing smashing into the turnbuckles. Austin would ride around the ring and then chase whoever he had dealings with back up the ramp before enjoying the occasional beer bash with the crowd.

7 Office Chair

Speaking of Austin’s famous beer bashes, at the end of Raw, the Texas Rattlesnake loved to entertain the crowd by basically getting hammered and having a blast – getting blasted. On one such night, he thought he’d turn an ordinary office chair from the announce table into yet another vehicle he could ride. He hilariously wheeled himself as fast as possible down the ramp before crashing and tipping over, laughing maniacally the whole trip.

6 Ruining Rocky’s Ride

Early on during the Great One and the Rattlesnake’s epic rivalry, The Rock thought it would be a good idea to have a funeral for Austin after knocking him off a bridge. The Brahma Bull had a new Cadillac and while Rock was celebrating in the ring, Austin showed up to the arena in a brand-new car of his own – a monster truck emblazoned with “3:16” on the side. Austin’s path of destruction into the arena that night went right up and over the caddy, destroying it.

5 Austin Destruction

After spending a good chunk of time on the shelf for his neck surgery, the Bionic Redneck returned with a vengeance. He spent the better part of one night on Smackdown pranking and toying with the McMahon-Helmsley Faction.

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At the end of the night, the Rock pointed everyone’s attention to the video screen where Austin declared that no one better mess with him otherwise they’d get a dose of Whoop – Ass. He then used the crane he was in to deliver an explosive message and dropped a chunk of concrete on the DX Express blowing it up in the process.

4 Twisted Metal

Austin promised revenge on Triple H and while the Game was reveling in his victory over Mankind, Austin surprised the Game by driving an Ambulance into the arena and beating the heck out of the future McMahon–In–Law. But driving an ambulance around WWE TV is commonplace – Austin dumped Triple H into the ambulance and parked right in the line of fire of a massive Semi. The Rattlesnake’s revenge came as Austin drove the Semi right into the ambulance with the Game locked inside.

3 Maiming The Game

Austin wasn’t done with Triple H, not done by a longshot. After all, it was the Cerebral Assassin who had a massive plan to try and end Austin’s career forever. The two did battle in a No Disqualification Match at the 2000 Survivor Series event. Triple H would eventually turn tail and attempt to escape the arena. He jumped into a car to drive away, but ran afoul of the Rattlesnake, behind the wheel of a forklift. Austin hoisted Triple H high into the air and despite Helmsley begging for his life, Austin dropped the car straight down.

2 Anonymous Raw GM Vs. ATV

While plenty of the vehicles on this list Austin drove once or twice, he made riding around on his ATV a weekly occurrence. In 2011, the Anonymous Raw GM was also unfortunately a weekly occurrence.

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Luckily, Austin still wasn’t a fan of authority figures. At getting interrupted by the incessant email beeping of the GM’s laptop, The ornery redneck took matters into his own hands by grabbing the thing off of its podium and running over it when his ATV, back and forth.

1 The Beer Truck

Austin loves beer, Austin loves destruction, matching these two was the perfect mix and led to one of the most famous promos in wrestling history. On the way to his match with the Rock at WrestleMania XV, Austin interrupted the Great One and the Corporation by driving into Raw in a Coors Light beer truck. He stood atop the rig and declared he would drive right into the Smackdown Hotel and burn it to the ground before spraying the beer hose on Rock and the McMahons dousing them in beer.

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