Stone Cold Steve Austin Blasts WWE's Current Storylines

There are many in the WWE Universe questioning the company's writing as of late. For example, after weeks of being pushed as the biggest monster in the WWE, Braun Strowman lost after one F-5  by Brock Lesnar and was pinned clean by a man he'd clearly gotten the better of leading up to their match.

The WWE has an issue on what to do moving forward as John Cena passed the torch to Roman Reigns and seemingly left the company for a while.


The WWE may be in the beginning stages of a mini-rut, and the WWE Universe noticed. Stone Cold Steve Austin has aswell and he spoke about it in an appearance on Baby Huey & Bimbo Jimbo on 107.7 The Bone. He was asked where he stood on some of the happenings in the WWE. Austin, as always, was opinionated, and despite not having seen one of the matches, might have gone a different direction.

When asked about the finish to the Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar match, Austin didn't understand why, after pushing Strowman so hard and for so long, the WWE would let one F-5 by the thing that puts the big man down.


"To me, maybe you got to have something, a couple of F-5s or something to put a chink in the armor before the F-5 to keep Braun Strowman The Monster Among Men down for a three count," says Austin.

Most would agree, and have concerns that the star that was once an unstoppable monster now looks merely like a man.


Austin was also asked about his thoughts on the crowd reactions to Reigns and Cena and he admitted, he still believes there are heels and faces in the WWE, and regardless of the fans booing or cheering Cena, they respect and love him for the career he's had. Austin understands the fans might want change, but there is no denying what Cena has done, and it makes the crowd reaction to him at No Mercy understandable.


Austin seems to agree with a large portion of the WWE Universe in that the WWE is doing some things with their roster that seem questionable. One thing is for certain, the company could use a wrestler as popular as Austin was right about now.

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