The McMahon Plan: 20 Storylines We Don't Want To See Involving The Family

The McMahon family taking over both Raw and SmackDown is the biggest WWE storyline to start 2019. Paige, Baron Corbin, Kurt Angle, and Alexa Bliss have all lost their positions of power on each show. The explanation of low ratings and unhappy fans from the final month of the year from Raw led to these changes coming. Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Shane McMahon will all be the ones in charge of both Raw and SmackDown each week, with everyone now playing face characters. This just means we will likely see more involvement from the McMahon family along with potential storylines for them moving forward.

There is nostalgia for the McMahon family from the fan base, but there are frequent complaints when they get too much television time or look stronger than the current wrestlers on the roster. We will look at some of the potential negative storylines that could realistically happen soon with the way the on-screen product is set up. Vince, Triple H, Stephanie, and Shane each already have certain relationships set up with wrestlers that could play into it. Only the negative ones will be chosen here as things fans would be unhappy to see unfold. Find out which potential angles we hope never plays out on WWE television. These are twenty potential storylines involving the McMahon family that we do NOT want to see.

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20 Shane: Facing The Miz at WrestleMania

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The current storyline for Shane McMahon has him working with The Miz. Both men have been linked together since Shane replaced Miz in the tournament at Crown Jewel to become the “best in the world." There have been mostly comedic segments of Miz trying to convince Shane to become his new tag team partner.

Most fans expect this to culminate in a feud heading into WrestleMania 35. The idea of Shane facing Miz in a singles match leaves a lot to be desired. Miz does deserve a big WM match, but the two wrestlers don’t have styles that work well together. Shane works best with either big men or hardcore specialists. Miz is neither of those things and we don’t need any singles matches between the two.

19 Stephanie: Teaming with Trish Stratus and Lita

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Rumors indicate Trish Stratus and Lita will both return to WWE in time for WrestleMania season. Both ladies are legends that still provide star power. Trish and Lita did well during their short returns for Evolution and the Raw after as a team.

There is an online fan theory that Trish and Lita will unite with Stephanie McMahon as heels of the prior era, to feud with the new-school women. This should not happen in any way as neither Trish nor Lita have ever been associated with Stephanie as characters on-screen. Stephanie should not be part of any storylines involving Trish and Lita vs. current stars.

18 Triple H: Reforming Evolution

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Batista has wanted to come back to WWE for one final match against Triple H for many years now. The dream of Batista is to have one more run in WWE before ending his wrestling career in a big match against his former mentor.

There is speculation that Batista would return for a few months to reform Evolution with Triple H and Randy Orton before a Triple H vs. Batista feud starts, leading to a match at WrestleMania 35. There’s no need for this version of Evolution to reform. Both men would be better off just starting their own singles angle with no need of Orton being involved at all.

17 Vince: Becoming Daniel Bryan's rival

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The initial rise to the top of WWE for Daniel Bryan came with both the storyline and real-life rumors indicating that Vince McMahon did not believe in him. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were influenced by Vince to stop Bryan from becoming the WWE Champion and face of the company.

We could see the Vince vs Bryan rivalry reform since Bryan is now portraying the top heel character on SmackDown. Vince has tried inspiring AJ Styles to bring out his intensity to challenge Bryan for the WWE Championship. Bryan’s work is going so well here that we don’t need Vince to potentially ruin it by undercutting him in a feud.

16 Shane: Getting more revenge against Owens and Zayn

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Shane McMahon spent a long time from the second half of 2017 into the early half of 2018 feuding with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The feud culminated at WrestleMania 34, with Shane and the returning Daniel Bryan defeating the heel duo and sending them over to Raw.

The new role of the McMahon family will have Shane appearing on Raw now and having to interact with his former enemies. This feud went way too long and hurt the moment of Owens and Zayn in a huge way. Shane once again opposing them would be horrible for all involved, especially the viewers.

15 Stephanie: Match with Charlotte Flair

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The heel work of Stephanie McMahon gets the fans invested in her feuds and will often see them supporting anyone she feuds with. Stephanie very rarely wrestles and has only competed in two matches in recent years. The match against Brie Bella at SummerSlam 2014 and the WrestleMania 34 mixed tag match against Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle inspired her to wrestle.

Charlotte Flair stands out as the most likely person Stephanie would return to the ring to wrestle again. WWE loves Charlotte as one of the faces of the company, but they would love to get fans cheering her more. A feud with Stephanie would help, but the match itself would leave a lot to be desired, due to the fact the Billion Dollar Princess has never been a regular wrestler.

14 Triple H: WrestleMania match with Shane

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Triple H is one of the few part-time wrestlers that can still deliver a good match at times. The potential of Triple H squaring off with many current full-time wrestlers in a big match could be fun. However, there are only so few matches left in the tank for Triple H, as he sustained another injury in his limited action this past year.

Shane McMahon has always been an interesting rival whom fans wanted to see due to the belief of real-life tension between the brother-in-law. A feud could be interesting on paper, but Shane could end up being a waste of one of the last WrestleMania matches for Triple H. We must hope WWE finds better opponents for Triple H to deliver the best results.

13 Vince: Calling out Finn Balor

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Vince McMahon tends to bring reality to the storylines for WWE television. One thing he has done in the past is call out wrestlers he felt were lacking something to get to the next level. Finn Balor is arguably the top wrestler that McMahon has not shown any belief in.

WWE always keeps Balor just short of getting to the next level in the main event picture. Vince is reportedly the only one of the McMahon family members with power that doesn’t see anything special in him. We may see Vince trying to work with Finn to get him to the next level, but the results could end up hurting Balor if McMahon’s vision fails.

12 Shane: Once again wrestling AJ Styles to defend Vince

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The backstage segment of Vince McMahon egging on AJ Styles to hit him on the final SmackDown episode of 2018 was a huge angle. Vince taking a hit at this age is something he would only allow if he truly believed in the wrestler. Styles has become one of the faces of WWE and McMahon clearly wanted to add something extra.

The potential of a bigger angle coming from this is likely. Shane McMahon has defended his dad and shown the desire to want to attack Styles during the following week’s meeting between the two sides. Styles and Shane had an impressive WrestleMania 33 match, but we don’t need to see that again. Fans deserve to see Styles having bigger matches against more compelling performers than Shane.

11 Stephanie: Clashing with Kurt Angle

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The prior storyline of Stephanie McMahon punishing Kurt Angle by having him go home as Raw General Manager never had an official ending. Baron Corbin lost his role, but the McMahon family instead all returned together to run both Raw and SmackDown, effectively ending the era of commissioners and general managers.

Angle did come back to get revenge on Corbin, but there’s no specification on his situation on the roster right now. The most likely scenario is that he will be a part-time wrestler. We don’t need to see him continuing the long feud with Stephanie as there doesn’t need to be an official ending. Just use Angle however they plan to, without involving him in another feud opposing Triple H and Stephanie.

10 Triple H: Becoming NXT authority figure

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There has been speculation on the potential of the McMahon family becoming active on 205 Live and/or NXT. The story is that the McMahons are taking over everything to ensure the product is at its best. Triple H has been the figurehead of NXT behind the scenes and gets praised for his work running the brand.

However, the on-screen authority figure for NXT is still William Regal. Regal's work in the role is impressive. He does a great job without becoming too much of a focal point of the show. Triple H doesn’t need to be a part of the NXT on-screen product, as Regal has that job handled perfectly.

9 Vince: Once again endorsing Drew McIntyre

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Drew McIntyre has become one of the bright spots on Raw to start 2019. Despite the show having some rough moments to end 2018, McIntyre remained a rare positive, with his great work resulting in a huge push. There is speculation that McIntyre will be in line for a Universal Championship reign at some point in 2019.

Vince McMahon once referred to McIntyre as the “chosen one” to start his career almost a decade prior. McIntyre flopped and was released by WWE after several years in the lower card. The return after strong improvements has him ready to take the role back. There’s no need for a storyline callback of Vince praising Drew. The work of McIntyre is all we need for him to thrive today.

8 Shane: Having a feud with Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon just seems like the kind of pairing WWE would love to execute. Shane does his best work when taking part in dangerous matches and risking it all with his wild stunts. Strowman has found his greatest success also in stunt show segments rather than traditional matches.

The pairing seems ideal on paper, but there are many issues with it. Shane has lost a step from his best days almost two decades ago. Most wrestlers don’t gain much from working with Shane these days. The storyline would also likely be less fun as there are no real obvious things that link these two together.

7 Stephanie: Representing the Four Horsewomen faction

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One common complaint about Stephanie McMahon’s on-screen character is that she is forced into any and all important angles involving the Women’s Division. A big storyline that is reported to happen at some point in the future would have Ronda Rousey’s MMA Four Horsewomen facing off against WWE’s Four Horsewomen.

The fear would see Stephanie getting involved representing one of the two factions as a figurehead. It could make some sense to see her side with the WWE ladies to oppose Rousey or align with the MMA ladies to add heel heat. Either instance would be a disaster, as it would hurt the feud if Stephanie gets involved.

6 Triple H: Another feud with Randy Orton or John Cena

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WWE bringing back the Triple H vs. Undertaker rivalry for a couple more matches in 2018 showed they like bringing back yesterday's stars to draw casual or lapsed audiences. Triple H’s two other long-time rivals still on the WWE roster today are John Cena and Randy Orton.

Any chance of those pairings happening again would be a waste of time. Triple H opposed Cena in 2018 to lackluster results. The matches between Orton and Triple H often disappointed when both men were in their prime. Triple H is better off working with special attractions like Batista or facing off with the young talent in his rare matches these days.

5 Vince: Developing on-screen relationship with AJ Styles

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The Vince McMahon backstage segment with AJ Styles has so many possibilities associated with it, but most of them are not appealing. It has been years since Vince interacting with a wrestler helped them get to another level. Styles is the current project after getting to take a shot at the oldest McMahon.

Sadly, there’s no realistic scenario where a relationship between McMahon and Styles works out. A feud has no payoff since Vince can’t wrestle. The potential of them partnering up would just hurt Styles since he doesn’t need that help unless there’s conflict involved. Our best scenario is that it was a short-term angle meant to tap into a new side of AJ’s character, with nothing more.

4 Shane: Challenging Daniel Bryan

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There were rumors last year of Shane McMahon turning heel and feuding with a face Daniel Bryan heading into a WrestleMania 35 match. Plans changed with Bryan turning heel to start the new character he’s portraying as Shane remains a face.

WWE might still try to play this storyline out with Shane being the face that opposes Bryan. The backstory of them working together when Bryan was the SmackDown General Manager could add to a compelling story. It does seem like a waste for Bryan since he’s performing at his highest level and a weak Shane match is not the best use of this momentum.

3 Stephanie: Trying to hold down Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch’s rise to the top of WWE has her playing the rebellious face that fans connect with. Wrestlers who rose quickly to the top through fan support like Steve Austin, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan all ended up in angles feuding with management.

Lynch would have Stephanie McMahon in her way as the boss trying to hold her down if they went through with this storyline. It could make sense on paper since Becky is the most beloved woman on the roster and Stephanie is oftentimes the most hated. The problem here is that this story has gone down too many times in recent memory. Stephanie’s tendency of burying talent could also hurt Lynch’s momentum.

2 Triple H: Becoming authority rival for Seth Rollins

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The last Raw of 2018 on New Year’s Eve featured a very interesting promo exchange between Seth Rollins and Triple H. Rollins was talked down to by Triple H for not showing the hunger he once had as Triple H denied his Intercontinental Championship rematch.

The response from Rollins showed the signs of him becoming the WrestleMania challenger of Brock Lesnar. However, we don’t need any more interactions between Triple H and Rollins. The best road for Rollins is to be driven by his own motivation of wanting to be the best and bringing respect back to Raw by ending Brock’s title reign.

1 Vince: Feuding with Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar’s lack of respect for WWE and the abuse of his part-time schedule has been a huge storyline in the company for a long time now. Roman Reigns brought it up in 2017, but it remains the top story on Raw, with Lesnar once again Universal Champion.

Vince McMahon clearly loves being part of the major stories as he often believes he can add to them. This will be the first WrestleMania season in a few years where Vince is a frequent member of the on-screen product. We could see Lesnar disrespect Vince in order to get more heat. However, the better scenario for the wrestler to dethrone Brock would be doing so on his own with no other factors involved in the storyline.

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