20 Strange Details About The WWE Locker Room

The dynamic of the WWE locker room is very different to other sports. Most locker rooms are known for sports like basketball, football, and soccer. Wrestling has locker rooms too, but there are different dynamics in play. Sports teams will often struggle if there is tension in the locker room with players not getting along. WWE is clearly different with the scripted element meaning you don’t have to really be friends with everyone. However, there will be issues to come if a wrestler is having problems with others in the locker room. Multiple unwritten rules exist to provide a positive atmosphere in WWE. These usually apply to other promotions as well since wrestling is the culture that creates these things.

We will look at some of the things that don’t get discussed when it comes to life in WWE. Things are a little different today than decades past. The locker room is described as the most peaceful it has ever been in company history. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some juicy details from behind the scenes. Quite a few interesting things go down behind the scenes in WWE. They range from funny to surprising to just fun facts. Find out just what happens behind the scenes of Raw and SmackDown. These are 20 strange details most fans don’t know about the WWE locker room.

Wrestlers can get kicked out

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There used to be more instances of wrestlers getting kicked out of the locker room in WWE for doing things that crossed the line. Enzo Amore is the only recent example of a wrestler being exiled from the locker room. It takes a lot to get kicked out in the current era, but Enzo proved it could happen.

The various moments of Enzo doing things that annoyed others led to Roman Reigns and a few other big names telling him to dress elsewhere. Enzo claimed he had a private room that allowed him to get dressed on his own, while never apologizing or making peace for his past errors.

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19 Bosses and writers never enter

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The locker room is the one place in WWE where business is not as important. It is where the wrestlers get dressed and spend their time away from the hustle and bustle of the show. Writers and members of management don’t typically enter the locker room since that intrudes on the talent.

Information is relayed through other employees as the wrestlers will leave the locker room to meet the people running the show to get their details on what they are doing each night. Once entering the locker room, it is essentially a haven away from the busy day at WWE television.

18 Watch where you eat

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Most wrestlers opt to eat in catering where all the food is located. The area is a glorified cafeteria much like high school where everyone must find a table to eat their meals throughout the day. Some wrestlers do eat inside of the locker room, but that is not advised as it has led to issues in the past.

The Miz was kicked out of the locker room when he was eating a piece of fried chicken in the wrong place. Crumbs fell onto the luggage of another wrestler that led to The Miz getting punished for not showing proper respect. It took The Miz a long time to earn the respect, and he’s now one of the locker room leaders all these years later. Hopefully, he prevents any new talent from making the same mistake as him.

17 Xavier Woods has a private room for UUDD filming

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Xavier Woods often finds an empty room in the building to set up his gaming area to film content for his YouTube channel, Up Up Down Down. The channel features Woods playing video games with various wrestlers on the WWE roster today, as they have conversations about their interests in gaming.

Some locations have seen Woods set up a small area within the locker room before anyone else shows up early in the day. Others will see him in a private room or even out in the open backstage. Woods is a beloved member of the locker room, but the wrong wrestler doing this could have led to heat developing.

16 No cruel hazing

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The old days of WWE featured hazing going down in the locker room. Veteran wrestlers would take it upon themselves to welcome new talent by having them go through annoying, humiliating and sometimes painful actions.

JBL had the reputation of harassing countless wrestlers throughout the years during his time there. WWE becoming a bigger company and the wrestlers showing more respect for each other has helped put an end to the hazing. There are some fun pranks that still go down, but there’s an unwritten rule that no hazing that reaches the level of cruel or painful should be done in WWE, or it could result in a firing.

15 Phone calls are expected to be taken outside

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One of the many things that Enzo Amore did that annoyed the other wrestlers is have loud phone conversations. The most publicized instance of this featured an overseas tour where Enzo kept making phone calls on the bus. This reportedly also would happen during shows when he was in the locker room.

Enzo truly did not care about annoying others. Reports indicated that Enzo also would make fun of the wrestling business and other wrestlers while they were in the locker room. It makes perfect sense that the wrestlers would not want to share a locker room with Enzo. Taking loud phone calls and annoying your peers is not the best way to get accepted by the WWE locker room.

14 Video feed of the ring is shown all day

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The WWE cameras are on the ring all show long whether it’s a PPV, television taping or house show. Most of this footage is never used unless we are witnessing it live on television or WWE Network. However, everything is filmed for the locker room to get a look at the ring all night.

Wrestlers will get to witness the show if they want, get an idea of what the fans are like by watching them react to the videos being aired and just see if it’s empty before a show to go practice in. The locker room always has eyes on what’s going down in the ring.

13 Problems are solved there

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WWE has seen many backstage issues throughout the years of wrestlers growing tired with each other. Many issues have led to fistfights, with pairs like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, Batista and Booker T, and others. This is no longer the appropriate way to react as WWE would punish wrestlers for fighting in the locker room.

Wrestlers still are expected to professionally handle their issues in the locker room. The way to go about it these days is talking it out and trying to get on the same page. Even if wrestlers don’t make peace, they are expected to show respect to each other unless it’s an extreme situation.

12 Wrestlers ask each other for advice

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One old school element of wrestling that still exists is wrestlers asking each other for tips and critiques. Many young wrestlers will ask the veterans specifically to watch their match and provide any advice they believe should be shared. Some wrestlers even go far enough to develop a bond with a veteran due to this.

Goldust has revealed that he helps train Mandy Rose and Lana in terms of learning more moves and tips on how to improve. A more consistent example of this would be the new stars with potential asking John Cena for his opinion whenever Cena is around.

11 Wrestlers will get punished for disrespecting doctors

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WWE has started taking the health of their performers very seriously over the past decade. The Attitude Era and before often featured wrestlers risking their health by performing while injured. Today, no one can continue wrestling if a serious injury occurs as the doctor’s word is most important.

Baron Corbin reportedly lost his Money in the Bank title shot as punishment for disrespecting one of the doctors in front of the locker room. It's a huge issue if one wrestler is not only being unprofessional but also shows up the doctor when everyone else is present. Many wrestlers would have been fired for that, but Corbin still received a hard punishment.

10 One of the only places where cameras aren't allowed

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WWE cameras are located everywhere backstage during a show date. Various WWE Network projects like WWE 24, Chronicle, 365, and a few others show wrestlers in almost every area backstage. We have even seen Kevin Owens get told that Vince McMahon did not like his WrestleMania 33 match with Chris Jericho in the elusive Gorilla position area.

One place we rarely see WWE cameras located is in the locker room. The 24 specials about TakeOver shows did show the NXT locker room area, but WrestleMania restricts access. Wrestlers have cameras on them everywhere else backstage that it was only fair to avoid putting cameramen and women in the locker rooms too.

9 Friends and families aren't typically allowed inside

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The privacy of the locker room means that wrestlers can’t just bring anyone in. There is plenty of footage and evidence that relatives of wrestlers often visit the backstage area during a WWE show. However, the relatives must stay in the normal backstage places where everyone else is located.

It would be an invasion of privacy for the relatives of one wrestler to hang out while everyone else is trying to enjoy their downtime before or after a match. WWE’s backstage area is often huge and has many spots available so being blacklisted from the locker room is not that much of a negative for friends and family.

8 Wrestlers are expected to not film social media content there

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The wrestlers are also expected to not document things going in in the locker room. If WWE cameras aren’t even allowed in the locker room, someone like Zack Ryder filming content in a full room is likely not going to get over well.

Some wrestlers have filmed promos in the area if it’s empty, but the idea of doing that during the show will likely cause heat. So many people sharing space means there must be respect for all those surrounding you. No wrestler should risk getting in trouble by trying to cut a promo when the others are attempting to watch the show or relax.

7 Small parties sometimes take place for birthdays

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The house show tours often feature fun for the wrestlers in the WWE locker room. There have been a few instances of celebration for the wrestlers celebrating birthdays or other special events. Kane is one wrestler that received a cake and some fun from his friends during an overseas tour that extended into an in-ring segment.

Seth Rollins tried to attack Xavier Woods with a cake to celebrate the anniversary of Up Up Down Down. The locker room can be home to fun activities on the less stressful days. Don’t expect to hear about a wrestler getting a cake in the locker room during a PPV or an important event, but it happens from time to time on smaller shows.

6 Management pays attention to locker room opinions

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The locker room relationship a wrestler has with their peers could lead to positive or negative things. There have been instances of wrestlers getting heat when word gets around backstage that someone is not popular in the locker room. Recent rumors indicated WWE has slowed down Braun Strowman’s push due to some backstage heat.

Other wrestlers will get opportunities when peers have positive words to share about them. One of the reasons WWE valued Roman Reigns as a top star is that the locker room respected him and viewed him as a leader. Locker room reputation is not the most important thing, but it can make or break a wrestler.

5 Brock Lesnar refuses to use the same locker room as others

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Brock Lesnar is the most controversial person in WWE today, given how much the rest of the locker room dislikes him. It is hard to even claim that the locker room hates Brock, because he is not even a part of it. Lesnar barely interacts with the other talent backstage in the rare nights he does show up.

The private locker room of Brock allows him to spend his time there, interact with whoever he is working with, deliver his segment, and leave. Most wrestlers on the roster likely don’t even see him since he doesn’t care to stick around. Part-time wrestlers already have a negative stigma, but unlike The Undertaker, Goldberg, and others, Lesnar has not made much effort, if any at all, to socialize with his colleagues.

4 Wrestlers get heat for leaving early

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The expectation for wrestlers in WWE is that everyone will stick around in the locker room until the show is over. This means wrestlers that wrestled early on the card or that didn’t even make the card at all will hang out in the locker room watching the show until everyone else is finished before they can leave.

It doesn’t always happen, and wrestlers get heat for leaving the show too early. Braun Strowman has the most recent instance of rumors indicating WWE was souring on him for leaving shows after his work was done. Chris Jericho has criticized wrestlers for leaving the shows early on his podcast when discussing his most recent WWE run.

3 New locker room leaders have emerged

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The role of the locker room leader is something that happens gradually and organically. The Undertaker is the most popular instance of someone becoming a locker room leader due to everyone else respecting him. Things have changed through the years with names like The Undertaker and John Cena now having part-time roles.

New locker room leaders for each brand have started to create that reputation for having the respect of their peers. Seth Rollins is considered the Raw locker room leader and is attempting to lead the show after Roman Reigns stepped away. Daniel Bryan is one of the more tenured SmackDown wrestlers and has a similar role. The new era is seeing new locker room leaders step up.

2 John Cena watches every single match from the locker room

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John Cena is someone that always commands respect backstage after being the face of WWE for a decade. The new career path in acting has seen Cena take a part-time role in WWE only coming back in limited runs. Cena still has more than enough passion for WWE to return whenever his schedule allows it.

Kevin Owens revealed on Talk is Jericho that Cena is one of the few people that still sits by the television screen in the locker room to watch every match from start to finish. Cena loves to see how the crowd reacts to each match before he performs and likes to see which wrestlers are stepping up. Owens and a few others have been seated next to Cena to pick his mind throughout a show.

1 Wrestlers' Court was banned

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One of the older traditions of the WWE locker room was phased out due to an incident that crossed the line. Wrestlers' Court was a concept created when a wrestler backstage would step out of line. The other wrestlers would create a courtroom in the locker room with plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers, and juries of talent deciding the fate.

It would often end with the wrestler accused of doing something wrong apologizing and buying food or drinks for The Undertaker. This started getting a bit over the line when stories broke out about Melina crying backstage, among other instances of it turning into bullying. Wrestlers' Court no longer exists due to the cruel nature, and WWE would likely react negatively if any wrestlers tried to bring it back.

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