10 Strange Wrestling Fights That Took Place Outside Of The Ring

The competitive nature of professional wrestling will see tensions run wild between performers in and out of the ring. Fans are used to witnessing their favorite wrestlers throwing hands and executing wild moves in the squared circle during shows. However, that is not the only time wrestlers have gone after each in physical manners. The history of wrestling features quite a few real-life fights between the talents that had issues with each other.

We will look at some of the stranger fights to go down outside of the ring between wrestlers throughout the years. The stories behind the fights are almost impossible to believe if you don’t already understand how wild the wrestling business can be at times. Most professions would not see two people in the same field wanting to fight each other in the same scenarios here. These are the ten strangest real-life wrestling fights to go down outside of the ring.

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10 Enzo Amore vs Joey Janela

The most recent instance of a bizarre wrestling fight featured former WWE star Enzo Amore and current AEW star Joey Janela going at it at a Blink 182 and Lil Wayne concert. Both New Jersey residents were in the PNC Bank Arts Center for the show and ran into each other after Janela insulted Enzo online.

The wild antics of Janela would see him approach Enzo by introducing himself and asking if he wanted to fight. Enzo took him up on at it as Janela’s story claims that the two exchanged some blows. A friend of Enzo started filming at the end when they were in fighting stances talking trash.

9 Brock Lesnar vs Mr. Perfect

Brock Lesnar stands out as the last person in wrestling today that someone would want to fight, but Mr. Perfect had no fear back in 2002. The infamous “Plane Ride from Hell” featured many wrestlers making regretful decisions after having drinks on an international flight.

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Perfect and Lesnar were friendly due to their ties in Minnesota, but things would get out of control when the two argued about their wrestling skills. They started battling it out in a fight on the plane with each trying to use their amateur holds to take down the other for good. Perfect would get fired after the incident since WWE expected him to know better as a veteran.

8 Sid Vicious vs Arn Anderson

Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson had one of the scariest fights in wrestling history during an early 90s WCW trip to the United Kingdom. The two engaged in an argument in the hotel bar that culminated in drinks being thrown to create a personal issue.

Things escalated in a major way when Sid went to Anderson’s hotel room to confront him. The fight started with both men throwing blows and ended when Sid found a pair of scissors to stab Anderson. Many feared Anderson would be seriously injured, but he was luckily able to continue wrestling shortly after.

7 Awesome Kong vs Bubba the Love Sponge

Hulk Hogan’s regime in TNA Wrestling led to many unhappy talents with his decisions hurting the company. One smaller yet foolish idea featured Hogan’s then friend and radio host Bubba the Love Sponge joining the company as a backstage interviewer.

Bubba upset TNA star Awesome Kong by making offensive and vulgar comments insulting the victims of the Haiti earthquake on social media and his shock jock radio show. Kong confronted him backstage at one of the television tapings and attacked him in the one-sided fight. TNA released Kong and Bubba would lose his position shortly after as well.

6 Ken Shamrock vs The Nasty Boys

The stories of the Nasty Boys in wrestling often featured them getting drunk and engaging in reckless behavior. One of the worst tales involving Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags came when they interacted with Ken Shamrock before he officially joined the wrestling business.

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Shamrock attempted to stand up for a female friend of his when the Nasty Boys made disrespectful comments to her at a bar. Upon going to their hotel room to start the fight, he was attacked by one of them with a lamp as they used the numbers advantage to attack the MMA legend.

5 Chris Jericho vs Goldberg

Chris Jericho and Goldberg have had personal issues going back to their time in WCW together when Goldberg refused to work a match with Jericho. 2003 would see the tension reach a boiling point when Goldberg joined the company and reportedly buried Jericho backstage to others.

Jericho revealed in his book that he confronted Goldberg in the locker room saying this wasn’t WCW anymore. The two engaged in a fight until the others in the locker room broke it up. Every shared version of this story claimed Jericho won by holding Goldberg in a headlock until they were apart.

4 Joey Styles vs JBL

The most unlikely fight outcome in wrestling history featured small ECW announcer Joey Styles knocking out the tall wrestler JBL on a flight to Iraq for the Tribute to the Troops show. JBL was apparently drunk and making it miserable for others on the plane.

The broadcasters were the target of JBL as he dumped ice cold water on a sleeping Lilian Garcia and then started bullying Styles. To JBL’s surprise, Styles knocked him out to humble the former WWE Champion that sat quietly for the rest of the flight.

3 Sheamus vs Yoshi Tatsu

The trio of Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu and Ted DiBiase Jr. were the strangest group of roommates in WWE developmental. They did not always get along as Sheamus and Tatsu got into a fight in the apartment over boundary issues.

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Sheamus was disliked for using their protein shaker without ever cleaning it. Yoshi confronted Sheamus in an argument that led to Sheamus throwing the protein shaker at him and the two starting a fight. The story ended with the underdog winner of Tatsu getting the better of the bigger Sheamus.

2 Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels

Wrestling historians view Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels as the most intense backstage rivalry in WWE history. Both wrestlers often took shots at each other for years leading up to the infamous moment of the Montreal Screwjob showcasing how ugly things turned.

The backstage fight between Hart and Michaels is what made them reach the point of no return to make peace while working together. Bret confronted Shawn in the locker room bathroom about a personal insult that led to them fighting. Most wrestlers to witness the story claimed that Hart had Michaels in a headlock and pulled his hair out with no blows coming from Michaels.

1 Booker T vs Batista

The rise of Batista in the 2000s featured him developing a negative reputation for having an ego. Booker T was apparently the one to confront Batista about it as the two got into a loud argument and a fight when filming the commercial for Summerslam 2006.

Batista refused to listen to Booker’s advice and ended up on the losing effort of the fight due to it. Booker’s toughness prevailed leaving bruises and the bigger man. The two worked together in a long television program following the fight and kept it professional.

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