Street Profits Drafted To Raw, Officially Leaving NXT

During the WWE Draft on Friday, a number of selections were expected. One that might have come as a bit of a surprise was the Street Profits getting drafted to Raw.

There wasn't a huge discussion about NXT talents making their way to the main roster and as WWE announced that 70 Superstars would be eligible for the WWE Draft, it was safe to assume that a team who'd never wrestled on either Raw or SmackDown Live might not be part of the proceedings. But, as Stephanie McMahon read out the draft selections for the fourth round, the former NXT Champions became official members of the Raw roster.

Rumored to be a handpicked team by Paul Heyman, it is expected the Street Profits may make their debut on the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. The draft will continue on that show and in three hours of action, Heyman may finally get to make something of his team on the main roster.

During the past few weeks, Heyman has been showcasing the duo in backstage segments. Meanwhile, they've been wrestling for NXT as part of the black and gold roster. This draft selection likely suggests all of that stops and NXT will be short another high-ticket tag team.

Good For The Street Profits, Bad For NXT?

On the surface, while this might seem like bad news for NXT, there are a number of roster members from the main roster that could wind up in NXT. If some of the current crop of talent coming from either Raw or SmackDown were not listed as part of the eligible draftees, they become free agents. They can sign anywhere, including NXT.

With Finn Balor now on NXT each week, more high-profile talents are likely to follow.

For The Street Profits, they get a chance to show their stuff on Raw and Heyman can look like a genius for picking them as a team of the future.

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