Did Street Profits Just Hint That Matt Riddle Will Be Joining Them For Their Raw Debut?

Street Profits will finally make their Raw in-ring debut tonight and will be joined by a mystery partner for their six-person tag match.

Rumor has it Vince McMahon has never watched an episode of NXT. We would hope that trend has changed now that NXT is on the USA Network unless the boss can't tear himself away from Dynamite on Wednesday nights. It is a really good show. Either way, someone is showing Mr. McMahon action from NXT, even if he isn't watching whole shows.

That's evident from the often inexplicable and unexpected NXT call-ups that have happened so far in 2019. The most curious of those has been the Street Profits. Despite appearing on Raw every week, Angelo Dawkins and Montz Ford are yet to actually wrestle on Monday nights. Instead, the pair has basically been hosting the show from backstage.

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Now that the former NXT Tag Team Champions has officially been drafted to Raw, that's all about to change. Street Profits will actually compete in a match on Raw tonight for the first time ever. The pair will go up against all three members of The OC. Don't worry though, it won't be a handicap match. Ford and Dawkins will be bringing a mystery third partner of their own.

If Street Profits tweet about the match is anything to go by, they might be bringing another big NXT star along with them for the match tonight. Honestly, we didn't put two and two together until the star himself pointed it out. Ford tweeted, "We got friends in HIGH places. WE WANT THE SMOKE." It seems as if Matt Riddle believes that might be a reference to him, quoting the tweet and simply replying, "Bro."

For those unfamiliar with Riddle's lifestyle, before signing with WWE, the fact he uses cannabis was a big part of his act. Not overtly, but in a similar way to Rob Van Dam. Hence why the capitalization of the word high and reference to smoke is reason to believe Riddle could be the mystery third man. If his music does hit tonight, Riddle will get a big reaction. That goes for wherever we'll be watching Raw from but hopefully, a big reaction in-house too.

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