Braun Strowman Is Not Surprised He Was Chosen For Team Raw

Braun Strowman has reacted to Kurt Angle's announcement that he will be joining him on Team Raw at this year's Survivor Series.

With Survivor Series now less than three weeks away, the five-person men and women's teams are really starting to take shape. SmackDown Live already has their five women primed and ready to go and four of the five spots on their men's team have also been filled.

Things aren't looking so full on the Raw side of the coin, however. Team Red only has two women and two men picked out for their teams. Alicia Fox will head up the female side of things and has picked Nia Jax to join her, and this past Monday Kurt Angle was told by Stephanie McMahon that he will captain Raw's men's team. Then, on Tuesday Angle announced his first pick to join him in the match.


Angle declared on Twitter that Braun Strowman will be a part of his Survivor Series team. The Monster Among Men returned on Monday night after being unceremoniously dumped into the back of a garbage truck at TLC eight days before. With Braun back, the Raw GM saw him as a must for his five-man team, and who can blame him? Shortly after the announcement, Strowman had some choice words for his SmackDown Live opponents.

Strowman declared that he is the only monster in WWE—a retaliation to Kane's claim on Raw last week—and that he is "going to destroy SmackDown Live." There will be very few people who doubt that he'll follow through on that promise either. It's no coincidence that SmackDown Live invaded Raw on a week where Strowman was absent as had he been there they probably wouldn't have wreaked as much havoc as they did.


There was talk among fans that what happened at TLC may have very well turned Strowman babyface. His inclusion on Team Raw and response to being added is more or less confirmation of that. Strowman is no longer an island, and it would seem that going forward he will not necessarily be happy about teaming with others, but he'll do it for the greater good. The fans love and cheer Strowman, so it was inevitably going to happen, now let's see how he fairs with four other men in his corner at Survivor Series.

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