Subliminal Fiend Images Have Now Shown Up On Both FOX & NBC

First fans caught site of Bray Wyatt during an ad break on FOX, now The Fiend has also shown his haunting face on NBC too.

We here at TheSportster are thoroughly encapsulated by everything WWE has been doing with The Fiend, and we're sure we're not the only ones. Perhaps the most exciting thing of all is the minds behind the gimmick continue to say that fans haven't seen anything yet. That the best is still yet to come. If that's the case, we're assuming he won't be losing clean to Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell this Sunday.

Whatever happens at HIAC, we're eager to find out where exactly Bray Wyatt lands come draft time. Something FOX viewers noticed over the weekend pointed towards The Fiend soon calling SmackDown home. If you were watching FOX the past few days, you may well have seen Wyatt's face briefly flash up on screen, or more specifically The Fiend's.

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Pretty cool, and a surefire sign that FOX is really leaning into its acquisition on SmackDown. You'd certainly hope so considering how much the network paid for the show. However, as much as FOX might want Wyatt on its network, it seems as if that decision is still up in the air. That's because according to What Culture, the same blink and you'll miss it image of The Fiend has also appeared on NBC.

That brings us firmly back to square one when it comes to guessing where Wyatt might end up over the course of WWE's draft weekend. If he does indeed become Universal Champion this Sunday, we're assuming The Fiend will remain on Raw. However, with the push WWE is about to give SmackDown, we're assuming future Firefly Funhouse segments will be airing on Fridays.

This is day one of what will likely be the biggest week in wrestling for almost two decades. By the time HIAC rolls around six days from now, we will have seen an awful lot of wrestling, and hopefully a lot of The Fiend too. We're not sure whether we want him to be Universal Champion by the end of it, and also don't know which brand we'd prefer to see him on. As long as WWE continues to do a terrific job of presenting him, we'll continue to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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