Summer Rae And Darren Young Released By WWE

The ink hasn’t dried on the news that WWE released Monday Night Raw women’s wrestler Emma. Now it seems that the company has updated its official press release and is saying goodbye to another two members of the red brand’s roster—Darren Young and Summer Rae.

With Young has been off television for months, even after being cleared to return from injury, while Rae hasn't appeared on Raw programming ever since the 2016 brand split, this new update shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. At 34-years-old, Young shouldn’t have trouble finding work in the independent scene at the very least. Rae, who also turns 34 next month, appears to have a brighter future in the world of modeling, given that she’s older than the average women’s wrestler, and the fact that she’s been busy with her share of photo shoots, including a rather steamy Halloween-themed shoot just one week ago.


Darren Young first broke into WWE in 2010 as one of the eight rookies introduced via the inaugural season of NXT in its “game show”/“rookie search” format. After fizzling out with The Nexus, he joined several other former NXT contestants from various seasons in the fifth “Redemption” season, and it was there where he teamed up with Titus O’Neil to form The Prime Time Players. While he was mostly underutilized in singles when not tagging with O’Neil, he still deserves recognition as the first active WWE wrestler to come out as gay, having done so in a 2013 interview with TMZ.


A former defensive back in the all-female Lingerie Football League, Summer Rae signed a developmental deal with WWE in 2011, and debuted on the main roster in 2013, as the valet/dance partner of Fandango. Her role would eventually be expanded to include some in-ring time as a wrestler, and while she didn’t get much of a push, she did get significant screen time in 2015 before missing most of 2016 and 2017 due to injuries. Soon after WrestleMania 31, she aligned herself with Damien Sandow, only to betray him and side with The Miz. She also became Rusev’s new love interest in the infamous “love quadrangle” feud against Dolph Ziggler and Lana, and briefly managed Tyler Breeze when the future Fashion Police member made his main roster debut late in 2015.

So far, we’ve had three WWE Superstars get wished the best in their future endeavors within the span of an hour. We’ll keep you posted if the company announces more releases within the next few hours, as they’ve often done in the past.


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Summer Rae And Darren Young Released By WWE