You'll Never Forget Summer Rae's Steamy Instagram Post

Summer Rae hasn't been on TV for a long time, but that hasn't stopped her from making sure we don't forget her.

Her way of staying in her fans' minds isn't necessarily unique, but it's definitely working as she poses on a beach with her pants unbuttoned showing off some Calvin Klein Underwear captioned "don't let them ever forget".

Don't let them ever forget. ---------- @quby @miss_madrid

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With around 34.8 K likes and over 300 comments mostly consisting of people commenting on her looks (and a few from one person who really wants her to know he's from Iran), it's not hard to see why people are going insane for this photo. It definitely makes us miss seeing The First Lady Of NXT on our screens every week.


More recently, she was in New York for New York Fashion Week, looking as judgemental as possible.

Even more recently, it seems that the WWE superstar took a page out of Lana's book and went to the middle of nowhere to pose seductively on rural objects and possibly farm.

You can take the girl outta Carolina but....👩🏼‍🌾 #bts

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One of the more prominent comments on this post is "Are you done wrestling," and she never responded. Hopefully, that's not the case as she's one of the more talented personalities on the roster, and she's not too shabby in the ring when given the opportunity as well.

None of this means anything regarding when we will see her again, but at least she is staying relevant and looking fantastic.

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