10 Underrated SummerSlam Matches You Should Watch On The WWE Network Right Now

SummerSlam has always been considered to be one of the biggest WWE PPV's in the year, becoming part of the 'Big Four.' The company always tends to go all out and stacks the deck with loaded cards in order to make the show live up to its reputation.

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Throughout the years, SummerSlam has played host to some of the greatest matches and moments in the history of the entire company, however, because the match cards tend to be so brilliant, a lot of great matches tend to get overlooked.

However, with the beauty of the WWE Network, fans are able to go back and nitpick specific matches that they might not have focused on before. Therefore within this list, we will provide 10 of the most underrated matches in SummerSlam history that you must watch...NOW!

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10 Jeff Hardy Vs RVD Hardcore Championship Ladder Match (2001)

Two of the greatest, most creative wrestlers in history colliding with a ladder match stipulation. You just know that the outcome of this is going to be pure magic, and that is exactly what it is.

Neither RVD or Jeff Hardy went over the top in this match, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. Instead, they simply saved their more dangerous spots for the right time, rather than cramming them all in which made everything feel more impactful.

The two popular stars certainly got creative in a match that is well worth going back to watch on the WWE Network for a simple, fun bout.

9 Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens (2015)

Switching gears from a ladder match that had plenty of dangerous spots to keep the crowd gripped throughout, the match between Cesaro and Kevin Owens showed just how talented each man was at pure wrestling.

Coming off his feud with John Cena, the task for KO here was to keep fans engaged with him as he was still very new to the main roster and he managed to do that in a hotly contested match with one of WWE’s best and most underrated athletes, Cesaro.

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Neither man held anything back as they aimed to steal the show, despite not getting the same attention that many other matches had in the build-up. A match from a more modern era of WWE which highlights how far wrestling has come that they are able to pull off this match in the undercard.

8 Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barrett (2011)

One match that a lot of people have forgotten even happened is from 2011 when Daniel Bryan took on Wade Barrett, with the two former Nexus members colliding in what was actually Bryan's first singles match at a PPV in nine months.

That statistic alone shows just how low WWE rated Bryan at that time, with the Yes Movement being far in the distance. But Bryan was able to show glimpses of why he would go on to become the biggest star in wrestling.

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Whilst Bryan was great with his elaborate wrestling skills, Wade Barrett more than held his own in what was an equally impressive performance as the two men clearly went all out to try and steal the show.

7 Shawn Micheals Vs Razor Ramon Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match (1995)

You might be thinking, “didn’t this match take place at WrestleMania?” And whilst the answer to that question is, technically yes, it also proves why this is so underrated, as the two men had a rematch with the same stipulation several months later at SummerSlam.

Even though it is less iconic, this match is certainly better in terms of quality, with the heel and face roles totally reversed, the outcome of the match felt much less predictable, which helped the fans invest a lot more.

Despite the fact that people do not talk about it as much as their first battle, that doesn’t mean it isn’t on the same level, so check it out and be the judge for yourself.

6 Rey Mysterio Vs Dolph Ziggler (2009)

This is a perfect example of why the Intercontinental Championship has often been considered the 'workhorse' title, with the matches for the title being known for being incredibly entertaining and this one doesn't disappoint.

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With Dolph Ziggler quickly growing his name in WWE, he was able to work against an experienced and popular star in Rey Mysterio and really make the most of the opportunity, putting on a brilliant match.

The 2009 SummerSlam is a very strong show and because of that, this one has slipped under the radar for most people, but this is one everyone should go see.

5 Eddie Guerrero Vs Kurt Angle (2004)

Even though both Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle were in the primes of their careers at this point and are two of the greatest wrestlers to have ever laced up a pair of boots, this match was certainly underrated.

However, they had their hands tied at SummerSlam in 2004 due to the fact they were only given just over 13 minutes, which is why they were not able to quite reach the level of creating a classic.

Despite that, they created an amazing match that was incredibly fast-paced (due to the lack of time), and showcased the best out of both men and is more than worth 15 minutes of someones time on the WWE Network.

4 Alberto Del Rio Vs Christian (2013)

This is an incredible match that sadly got overlooked by many fans because of how good the SummerSlam main event was that year, with John Cena and Daniel Bryan putting on a clinic, but this World Heavyweight Title bout really is worth a second look.

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Christian and Alberto Del Rio are two fantastic wrestlers, so putting them together was always likely going to create magic, which is exactly what they managed to do, with a match that showed Del Rio at his absolute best.

The Mexican spent the entire match zeroing in on Christian's shoulder in order to prepare the Cross Armbreaker finisher, with Captain Charisma failing to capitalise on his Spear due to the injury, showing the fantastic psychology that they displayed throughout.

3 Finn Balor Vs Seth Rollins (2016)

The match to crown the first ever Universal Champion saw two of the best wrestlers in WWE compete in a near-20-minute classic that saw put everything on the line, with Balor literally putting his body on the line and suffering an injury during the battle.

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Unfortunately, this match is a prime example of how a live wrestling crowd can make or break a match, and instead of treating this like the dream match that it was, the crowd went totally against it because they didn't like the design of WWE's new title.

Despite the poor live crowd, Balor and Rollins bring their A game in this match and do their very best to make this feel like a historic match. Remove how the crowd acts, watch the action and enjoy a classic.

2 Edge Vs Eddie Guerrero (2002)

You might think that the idea of these two WWE Hall Of Famers competing in the ring could never be overlooked, but at the time, Edge was just starting to grow as a singles star and a lot of people didn’t give it their full attention because of that.

However, this was a time where Edge was putting his name on the map and in this match it is clear he has a point to prove as the two men put together a truly underrated gem of a match.

Even though it lacked the hype that other matches on the card had, Edge and Eddie simply let their wrestling do all the talking for them as they put on a great match.

1 Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls Match (2000)

One of the reasons this match is likely underrated is because of the fact Chris Benoit is one of the participants, with WWE burying his work so deep that many of the newer members of the WWE Universe haven’t been able to appreciate his work.

Taking Benoit’s personal life to one-side, this is a tremendous showing of how to maximise your minutes, with the two men pulling off a two-out-of-three falls match in under 15 minutes.

The action is intense and fast-paced from the first bell to the last and really had a ‘fight’ feeling about it with the two men pushing how much they hated each other. It might be a tricky one to go and find, but it is certainly well worth it.

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