SummerSlam Universal Championship Fatal 4-Way Confirmed

Brock Lesnar will have the odds stacked against him at SummerSlam next month as he defends his Universal title in a Fatal Four Way match.

Last week on Raw, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe went one-on-one for the opportunity to face Brock Lesnar for his Universal Championship at SummerSlam on Aug. 20, 2017. Unfortunately for the two Samoans, a wronged Braun Strowman had other ideas and threw the match into disarray when he came to the ring and laid out both men. That left us—and more importantly, Brock Lesnar—without a number one contender.

This week on Raw, General Manager Kurt Angle wasted no time in coming to the ring to address the lack of opponent for Lesnar following last week's tumultuous main event. Just as the GM was about to announce who had won the honor of taking on The Beast, Braun Strowman interrupted once again. The Monster Among Men claimed that he should be the one to face Brock at the biggest event of the summer. Surprise surprise Braun was quickly followed by Joe and Reigns who also made their cases to be Lesnar's next opponent.


It was pretty obvious what was coming from that point on. Angle managed to defuse the heated situation and announced that he now had a better idea. At SummerSlam Lesnar will not have just the one opponent, he'll have three. The Universal Championship match will be a Fatal Four Way involving all three men who were in the ring with the GM on Monday night. The announcement was the calm before the storm however as the three men had to be dragged apart by other Superstars from the locker room once Angle left the ring.


SummerSlam has become Lesnar's stomping ground in recent years. The show is usually built around The Beast, and it would appear that the 2017 edition will be no different. The last three summer extravaganzas were headlined by Lesnar, with Randy Orton, The Undertaker and John Cena being his dance partners. Two out of three of those matches have seen the Universal Champ emerge victorious, with only foul play from The Deadman stopping that from being a clean sweep.


It was anyone's guess who Brock was going to have to defend his title against at SummerSlam this year out of the three men in question. While some may not like multi-man matches, having a Fatal Four Way saves any of the three contenders from losing any momentum, something they all have a lot of right now. On top of that, the match itself promises to be action packed. All the action between these men separately has been great up until now so having all four in one match is bound to be explosive.

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