10 Best Wrestlers Managed By Sunny

The career of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch peaked in the 90s during her time in WWE. Sunny became known as one of the top managers for the company. Sunny managed quite a few wrestlers throughout her career with stints in WWE, WCW, ECW, SMW and various independent wrestling promotions.

We will look at the best ten talents to get managed by Sunny for at least a short time in their respective careers. Some talents would see their careers linked with Sunny while others feature runs fans barely even remember. Sunny often had issues overshadowing her performers since fans cared more about her. That didn’t prevent her from having a Hall of Fame worthy career. Find out just which talents worked with her as these are the top ten wrestlers managed by Sunny.

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10 Tom Prichard

The Bodydonnas tag team was the first major act for Sunny to manage in WWE. Chris Candido played Skip teaming with Tom Prichard as Zip with Sunny leading the way. Sunny cut all the promos for the tag team and was the standout talent of the act.

Prichard struggled to fit in since Sunny and Candido had worked together for years and were a longtime couple outside of the ring. The career of Prichard never took off the way he wanted even though his brother Bruce was one of the most powerful people backstage.

9 Shane Douglas

The run of Tammy Sytch in the Triple Threat saw her getting to manage a couple of new wrestlers. Shane Douglas was the leader of the group with his own valet of Francine. Both ladies would become the managers of the trio.

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Sytch would find her way ringside during most of the Triple Threat matches. Francine and Tammy both interfered in matches and made their presences known. They were also extremely popular with the ECW crowd giving them massive ovations.

8 Dawn Marie

A rare instance of Tammy Sytch would come on the independent circuit. Sytch and Dawn Marie were bitter rivals in ECW during Tammy’s time there. Given the few women on the roster, they were often placed against each other in cat fights.

The two would start working together on a few smaller independent wrestling shows. Sytch worked as the manager of Dawn’s matches in WSU. The biggest match came in a title tournament where Sytch would accidentally get Dawn disqualified against Becky Bayless.

7 Brian Lee

The start of Tammy Sytch’s career in wrestling came in Smoky Mountain Wrestling working for Jim Cornette. Sytch played a great heel character showing incredible charisma as a strong promo personality managing wrestlers.

Brian Lee was one of the first talents managed by Sytch. The act worked well as Lee was physically intimidating, but he could not cut a strong promo. Sytch was able to learn her craft having to add that appeal to the act.

6 Lex Luger

One wrestler most fans have no idea worked with Sunny was Lex Luger. The two would unite for an independent wrestling show in 2006. Sytch appeared for the New Jersey based promotion called National Wrestling Superstars.

Luger would become one of the biggest names booked by the promotion hoping to bring in old fans of him. Sytch managed Luger for his appearances and especially played a role in the story of Luger facing off Chris Candido’s brother Johnny Candido.

5 The Smoking Gunns

Sunny became a fixture in the WWE tag team division for a few years managing a couple of different teams. The Smoking Gunns achieved their biggest success when Sunny was added to the act. A new look of the cowgirl outfit saw her helping Billy and Bart Gunn win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

WWE eventually would have her leave the team which essentially ended their relevance. Billy went on to achieve more success when teaming with Road Dogg, but Bart likely wishes WWE allowed Sunny to remain with him moving forward since he flopped.

4 Bam Bam Bigelow

The use of Bam Bam Bigelow in ECW allowed the big man to showcase his potential. Bigelow was a tremendous addition to the Triple Threat faction with Shane Douglas and Chris Candido. All three wrestlers had great chemistry with Francine and Tammy Sytch as their manager.

Bigelow benefited from the ladies managing them during the team matches. This was arguably the hottest act in ECW history as the Triple Threat was up there with Rob Van Dam, Taz and Raven. Sytch has always had kind words about Bam Bam as a performer and a person in shoot interviews.

3 Legion of Doom

WWE tried to rebrand the Legion of Doom after they started to grow stale in the 90s. The new name of LOD 2000 along with new gear would see them add Sunny to the act. Sunny’s reputation as a manager of the top tag teams made her the ideal fit.

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Unfortunately, the act just never gained any momentum. Fans did react positively to the debut of the new group at WrestleMania 14, but the following weeks would see them fall behind. Sunny eventually left WWE after the act fizzled out. It still is a cool accomplishment getting to manage an iconic duo.

2 Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons made a huge career move leaving WCW for WWE. The WCW run saw Simmons make history as the first-ever black WCW Champion, but he felt that WWE was the better place for him. Sunny would get paired with him under the new name of Faarooq Asaad.

The gimmick saw him wearing a silly outfit meant to be portrayed as a gladiator. Sunny and Simmons had little chemistry leading to WWE quitting on the idea after a few weeks. Simmons found more success in the Nation of Domination as Sunny would have other roles.

1 Chris Candido

The combination of Chris Candido and Sunny found great success together in various promotions. Candido and Sunny dating allowed them to mix business with their personal lives starting off in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

WWE was impressed enough to hire them both for the Bodydonnas gimmick. Candido unfortunately never got his chance to break out due to his smaller size and the timeline. The act of Sunny and Candido would have achieved even more success in the current era of wrestling.

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