Superstar Families: 15 Times WWE Used Real Family Members In Storyline

WWE is a globally recognizable brand and the company is well aware that outside of their job Superstars have personal lives. These lives include having a family and other responsibilities. Whil

WWE is a globally recognizable brand and the company is well aware that outside of their job Superstars have personal lives. These lives include having a family and other responsibilities.

While WWE often decides to include actors and actresses in their programming to portray certain relatives who are detrimental to on-going storylines, sometimes the company does allow Superstars to bring in their real family members.

When WWE needed an actress to portray Daniel Bryan's physiotherapist, who played a key role in his World Championship story line, they actually hired a trainee wrestler, something WWE are doing more and more recently as a way to ensure there are no problems on live TV.

But back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was common for real life family members to be involved because they already had a link with the Superstar and their chemistry was then much more believable on the big screen.

The internet has reached a point now where fans can contact their favourite Superstars much easier than ever before. Fans are able to find out a lot of personal information about these Superstars in question so some are much more reluctant to bring their family into the spotlight.

There have been incidents where WWE have still managed to bring in real life relatives or even mention real life scenarios during some very personal feuds. This sometimes helps build the tension of a match but sometimes it can also be offensive to people involved. The following includes 15 times when WWE deemed it appropriate to include wrestlers' family members in storylines.

15 Shawn Michaels' Wife Rebecca

Shawn Michael's real-life wife Rebecca is no stranger to a wrestling ring. The duo met when Rebecca was a WCW girl known as Whisper and have been inseparable ever since. Rebecca has been seen on WWE TV a few times as well. She is mostly a supporting party for her husband like she was at WrestleMania 22 when Shawn finally overcame the McMahon family, but two years later she stepped into an ugly feud.

Rebecca accompanied Shawn to the ring as part a segment with Chris Jericho. The two had some words to say to each other before Michaels turned to leave, as he did Jericho pulled him back to punch him but he ducked and Rebecca took the entire hit. She then stood up to Jericho backstage and shouted 'Is that the best you've got?' It was a historic moment and one that elevated an already personal rivalry that could have won Feud of the Year in 2008.

14 Shane McMahon's Sons


Shane McMahon left WWE more than seven years ago when it became apparent that he wasn't going to be the one who inherited his father's company. Instead, it seemed that honour would be bestowed upon Triple H, so Shane went looking for a future of his own.

Shockingly the prodigal son returned earlier this year with a different attitude and a ready made WrestleMania match. This match would not only define his career but The Undertaker's as well as both men had stipulations going into the Hell in a Cell match. (Shane had control of Raw on the line while Undertaker was fighting for his right to continue his WrestleMania legacy.)

The Undertaker prevailed but Shane still became the General Manager of SmackDown Live following the highly anticipated draft last month. For the first time since his return, Shane has given a glimpse of his family and the people he fights for every night when he was danced to the ring by this three sons. They had ever seen their father in a match until then and it seemed they made him proud with that incredible leap of faith.

13 Torrie Wilson's Father Al

It is still unknown why Torrie Wilson's real father was used for this storyline rather than an actor, but back in 2002 Torrie began what would later become a personal feud with Dawn-Marie. After Torrie defeated her at No Mercy the controversial Diva began dating her father as a response.

Dawn and Al then got engaged with Dawn stating that if Torrie spent a night with her in a hotel room then she would call the engagement off. Torrie reluctantly agreed but this ended up being a lie. Dawn went ahead and married Torrie's dad anyway. Dawn also showed their steamy footage at Armageddon. Sadly Al suffered a fatal heart (kayfabe) attack while consummating the marriage and when Torrie defeated Dawn aft he Royal Rumble in a Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter match, it seemed the feud had finally fizzled out.

12 Kevin Owens' Son

Kevin Owens' main roster debut is still considered to be one of the most memorable first matches in recent memory after he managed to defeat John Cena one-on-one. Owens then continued this feud with Cena and it slowly became personal.

The feud for Owens was about the fact that his son Owen loved John Cena. He mentioned him a few times as the rivalry progressed and stated how much he enjoyed telling Owen (his son) that he was going to defeat his hero. Owens failed to defeat Cena again, but he has posted many pictures of his son on Social Media with his Intercontinental Championship when he was the title holder. It seems his son is now a huge fan of his father rather than the 'face that runs the place.' Owens also has a daughter called Elodie who was pictured dressed as him for Halloween last year.

11 Bret Hart and Ric Flair


Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte was one of the main reasons that the NXT Women's Division managed to become the phenomenon that it did. She came into the company and proved that women can actually wrestle regardless of how good they look. Natalya then dropped back down to NXT to fight for the NXT Women's Championship against Charlotte in the final of the tournament at NXT: TakeOver and she brought back-up.

Natalya knew that Charlotte would have her father Ric Flair in her corner, so she called in her uncle Bret Hart. Natalya didn't win the match but it was considered on of the matches of the year. Natalya and Charlotte locked horns again at Payback earlier this year and once again Natalya called her uncle in to even the odds. Natalya was unable to claim the Women's Championship from Charlotte's grasp but both women proved just how much holding that title meant to them.

10 Mick Foley's Family

Mick Foley is one of the bravest wrestlers in WWE history. He was renown as a wrestler who lacked actual technique and skill but was crazy enough to try even the most dangerous of stunts. He has recently been brought back to WWE as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw and has been given his own reality show on the WWE Network.

Holey Foley has given the entire family a taste of the spotlight in WWE but his daughter Noelle has been mentioned on WWE TV many times. She is good friends with many WWE Superstars and has appeared as an elf on WWE TV while her dada played Santa Clause.. This reality show could be a way to kick-start her WWE career since she has mentioned that she wants to be a wrestler. Her brother Dewey actually works behind the scenes for WWE as well.

9 Charlotte's Brother Reid Flair

When Paige turned on the newly crowned Divas Champion last year it seemed like it was about to become a personal feud between two former friends. Obviously, WWE decided to allow this feud to become a lot deeper.

In the build up to their match at Survivor Series both women signed the contract and as per WWE they decided to air their grievances as well. Charlotte talked about how much better her family was and how they are the people she fights for before Paige talked about how there wasn't much fight in her brother Reid. The young Flair family member had died of a drug overdose back in 2013 and it was a cheap shot at both Charlotte and Ric. It added the needed venom to their upcoming match but it was considered to have been a very controversial statement and gave Paige a lot more heat than she deserved.

8 The Miz' Parents

The Miz' parents have been seen in WWE a few times and openly spoke out when The Miz was 'fired' from WWE back in 2011, which was shown on evidently as part of a storyline but it wasn't until 2013 that the Mizanan family were seen on WWE TV.

The Miz' parents were at ringside to cheer their son on when suddenly he was brutally attacked by Randy Orton. The Viper was in venomous form that night and he destroyed The Miz in front of his parents in a beat down that caused Miz a storyline injury. This isn't the only time Miz' family have been included on TV. His mother was a part of Miz TV back in 2014 when she declared that her favourite superstar was Roman Reigns instead of him.

7 John Cena's Father is Punt Kicked

John Cena and Randy Orton have had one of the most personal and intense back and forth rivalries of the past decade. They have also had more matches against each other than anyone else in WWE history, but one rivalry back in 2007 became deeply personal.

John Cena's father was at ringside for Cena's match but Randy was in the phase where he was considered to be a Legend Killer and decided to interfere. His punt kick had not been banned in WWE yet and instead of hitting Cena he decided to throw his father over the barricade and kick him in the head instead. Cena was obviously livid but at Unforgiven Cena failed to win back the WWE Championship. After the match, Cena's dad kicked Orton in the head. The duo then had a match which Orton won by DQ then hit an RKO while Cena was handcuffed to the ropes. The feud was never fully finished after Cena suffered an injury.

6 Zac Ryder's Father Is Slapped

Zack Ryder has always been considered one of the most underrated and underutilized talents in WWE. He has been with the company now for almost a decade and has shockingly never been pushed towards the main event picture. Instead, WWE opted to keep him on the mid-card or rarely give him any TV time.

He was surprisingly included in this year's WrestleMania Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match and even more shockingly, he actually won. The following night on Raw his father was at ringside when he had his first title defence against The Miz, but so was Maryse. The former Divas Champion slapped Ryder's dad across the face as a way to cause a distraction for Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale and win the Intercontinental Championship, a title that he has held ever since.

5 Undertaker's Wife Is Stalked

It was one of the craziest storylines in WWE back in 2001 but at the time The Undertaker was married in real life to a woman called Sara. She had been stalked by DDP for months at live events and at home and it was becoming a real nightmare for her.

Finally Sara had enough and in August that year and decided that she was going to actually face him in a one-on-one match. The match began and Sara gave all she could but it hardly affected Diamond Dallas Page. Luckily her husband refused to watch anymore and ran down to the ring to finally get a piece of DDP. He beat the stalker to a pulp and left him for Sara to then pin and claim the victory over her stalker.

4 Vickie and Chavo Guererro

Former WWE Champion Eddie Guererro sadly passed away in November 2005 and WWE decided to integrate his death into a WWE storyline. This included Rey Mysterio winning the 2006 Royal Rumble in a victory that he dedicated to his best friend Eddie.

Rey then went on to the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22. Following his huge win Vickie and Chavo Guererro then arrived to celebrate with him. The family then turned on Rey down the road and cost him the World Championship when Chavo attacked him with a chair. This turned personal when Vickie took Chavo's side and both Chavo and Rey then went toe-to-toe. Vickie was later hired by WWE and became General Manager of SmackDown. This was the first time she was used by WWE since her husband's death.

3 Edge Goes To John Cena's House

Edge and John Cena had an incredibly personal feud throughout 2006. It was a feud that began when Cena won the WWE Championship back from Edge on an episode of Raw with Mick Foley as guest referee. This feud was then picked up again in time for SummerSlam when Cena attacked Edge during his match with Shelton Benjamin.

Edge retaliated by hitting a Spear. Later that night Cena attacked both Edge and Lita at their hotel and it seemed the rivalry had gone beyond the wrestling ring. Edge then decided to visit John Cena's father in West Newbury and slap him. This just further infuriated Cena but it didn't help him win the match since Edge still walked out of SummerSlam 2006 with the WWE Championship.

2 Roman Reigns' Daughter

Roman Reigns is from one of the most famous wrestling families in history (the Anoa'i family). His Samoan heritage means that he was always going to rise to the top in WWE but he never wanted to involve his real life family in his storylines.

When Roman embarked upon a feud with the 'Eater of Worlds' himself Bray Wyatt last year, his daughter was dragged into the rivalry because she had recently been seen in a cute advert that showed the former Tag Team Champion as one of the 'father of the year' candidates and singing "I'm a little tea pot." The mentioning of Joelle in storylines didn't last long since Roman wasn't happy about it but it gave WWE fans a look at his perfect life outside of the company. While short-lived, Bray Wyatt managed to take the Roman Reigns daughter storyline to creepy heights.

1 Rey And Eddie Fight Over Dominick

Back in 2005, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guererro started one of the most deep-rooted and personal rivalries that WWE has ever put on a television screen. The former best friends fought for the custody of Rey Mysterio's oldest son Dominick when it was revealed that he could be Eddie's son.

Both Rey's wife Angie and his younger daughter Aliyah were dragged into the storyline as well. When it was stated that Rey was having trouble making his own children, Eddie helped out and left Dominick with Rey as a baby so that he could raise him but now he wanted him back. Rey won the match for custody of Dominick at SummerSlam before Eddie defeated Rey in a Steel Cage match. Eddie was sadly found dead in his hotel room before the feud could be fully wrapped up.

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