Superstar Shakeup: The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE

To keep things fresh post-Mania, WWE decided to shake things up, quite literally with its Superstar Shakeup, which saw Superstars get traded from brand to brand. Among the most surprising trades were The Miz, Dean Ambrose, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, and Kevin Owens. While most of the trades seem beneficial, some have left fans baffled. Alas, in the world of wrestling, a change of pace is usually always a great thing.

Here are the five best and five worst moments this week in WWE.

10. WORST - Finn Balor Hurt? Charlotte Almost Hurt?

Finn Balor vs. Jinder Mahal on RAW wasn't a bad wrestling match. Neither was Charlotte vs. Nia Jax. It just gets a worst because it's never fun seeing people get hurt.

In Balor's match with Mahal, Mahal stiff elbowed Balor in the face which according to reports left him with a concussion - JUST ONE WEEK AFTER HIS COMEBACK. And if you watched Charlotte's match with Nia Jax, Nia failed to protect The Queen two times which resulted in Charlotte landing hard on her face and head respectively. Luckily, she's okay but it sure as hell looked scary and it could have gone a lot worse.

9. BEST - RAW Women's Division

Although SmackDown got a whole lot more interesting with Charlotte joining their roster, RAW got the best because its women's division needed this shakeup much more than SmackDown did. Now with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James (and Maryse?) taking Charlotte's spot, the division feels fresh again. Alexa Bliss was the breakout star of the women last year, and her matches with Bayley and Sasha Banks are sure to be fantastic.


8. WORST - Bayley

Bayley needs to get a whole lot more interesting. And fast.

If a year ago, you told me Alexa Bliss would be getting cheered for insulting everyone's favorite little hugger, I wouldn't have believed you. But low and behold, it happened on RAW. Alexa's right too. Listening to Bayley (and Sasha to an extent) each and every week speak the same dribble has grown stale. Comparing Bayley to Trish Stratus might seem as if I'm comparing apples and oranges, but when Trish went full-on babyface early on in her career and became Women's Champion, she didn't thank the fans every two seconds and act as if she didn't belong in a WWE ring. She went out there, she kicked ass, and she showed the fans exactly why she was the top Diva in her division.


Stop taking crap from everyone, Bayley. Fight back. Attack first. Be smart.

7. BEST - The Revival Defeat The New Day Yet Again

We know Cesaro and Sheamus are next in line for the RAW Tag titles, but The Revival - aka my new favourite tag team - aren't too far behind. They defeated The New Day for the second week in a row (and Dash Wilder amazingly wore a "We Broke Kofi's Ankle" T-shirt...) by delivering a bomb-ass Shatter Machine on Xavier Woods. Like the women's division, the tag division on RAW has went from lackluster to very promising.

6. WORST - The Miz To RAW

The Miz, love him or hate him (I think most of us love him now though), was one of the must-see acts on SmackDown Live. Moving him and his wife Maryse to RAW doesn't seem like the best option, unless they have big plans for him. It doesn't seem likely though, as he got beat up not only by RAW's other newest recruit Dean Ambrose, but Sami Zayn as well.


5. BEST - SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

WWE decided to use its tag division on SmackDown with The Usos successfully defending their titles against former champs American Alpha. These teams have amazing chemistry together and it's a shame WWE hasn't taken advantage of it until recently. The Usos have finally found their footing, and with the The New Day (and I guess The Shining Stars) now on the roster, hopefully the division also finds its footing for the remainder of the year.

4. WORST - Curt Hawkins And The Big Show

For some reason, WWE found it more important to give the newly traded Curt Hawkins a segment on RAW instead of other wrestlers people actually like, such as Kalisto, Rhyno, or Heath Slater. Hawkins spoke his usual shtick for a few seconds before being rudely interrupted by The Big Show's fist. It was pointless to say the least. Either WWE gives The Big Show something meaningful to work with, or it's time he hangs up the boots.

3. BEST - SmackDown Triple Threat Main Event

With Sami Zayn rightfully being traded to the SmackDown roster, Daniel Bryan pieced together a fantastic main event which saw Zayn face both AJ Styles and Barin Corbin in a Triple Threat match to determine who would be next in line for the United States Championship post-Payback. It's no surprise they were able to deliver one of the best matches of the week with all three men looking strong. The phenomenal AJ Styles would pick up the win, and a full face turn is appearing to be more and more imminent.

2. WORST - Roman Reigns Is Still Face?

Why didn't Roman Reigns act cocky this week like he did last week? This was disappointing. In his interview with Michael Cole, he acted as if he was remorseful for ending The Undertaker's career. Like he felt bad. Even though two weeks ago, he was smiling at the idea of ending Rhe Phenom's career. What an inconsistent a******.

Is it WWE's plan to keep Roman as a "good guy"? If so, it's a big mistake...

1. BEST - Braun Strowman Nearly Kills Roman Reigns


Why is it a big mistake to keep Roman Reigns face? Because did you not hear the fans as Braun Strowman nearly murdered him this week? They loved every second of it. The fans literally thanked Strowman Monday night for a) beating him into a stretcher before tossing that stretcher off an elevated ramp, and... b) putting him in an ambulance and tipping that ambulance over with his bare hands! Yes, you read that right. Apparently Braun Strowman is strong enough to pick up a motherfreakin' ambulance.

This segment gets the best, but it turned out to be funnier than it was meant to. Also, if this was meant to get us to sympathize for Reigns, it didn't work. It made us like Strowman even more! Seeing Roman nearly die was an experience we've waited too long for.

Until next week!

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