5 Superstars That John Cena Still NEEDS To Face

John Cena has been the face of the WWE for quite some time, but that’s definitely coming to an end. Even though he’s been around since 2002, there’s still plenty of fresh rivalries for him. Rumor has it that Cena may be facing The Undertaker come WrestleMania 34, but he’s still got plenty of time left in him despite his part-time status, so the following are five Superstars that we’d love to see in a program with The Face that Runs the Place.

5. Drew McIntyre

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When Drew McIntyre debuted as ‘The Chosen One’ back in 2011, fans may have expected him to one day take over John Cena as WWE’s top guy. The road to the top has been rocky, but perhaps he will get that chance sometime in 2018. He’s currently injured, but it’s been rumored he’ll debut on the main roster when he returns. Given how hot he was in NXT, and how high Vince McMahon once was on him, this is a logical rivalry. Cena’s opponents will be limited going forward, so Drew might not get a big time WrestleMania or SummerSlam match, but it’s still something worth looking forward too.

4. Bobby Roode

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Bobby Roode has been a great performer all over the world during his career, and he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. But if he wants to be pushed as a serious contender on SmackDown Live, a rivalry with Cena is a MUST. Roode has all the makings of a main eventer in WWE, and has one of the most iconic theme songs in the WWE today. Although he’s not the best in-ring performer, a heel Roode vs. Cena would be fantastic to watch. With Cena primarily on Raw these days, it make take a while for this one to come to fruition, but it’s one that fans should thoroughly enjoy.



3. Finn Balor

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Finn Balor is one of the most over and talented performers in the WWE today, but unfortunately he’s been booked quite poorly as of late. Perhaps it’s a rivalry with Cena that will reignite a push for The Demon King. He’s recently was paired with the Good Brothers who have made a past time of beating up John Cena, so this one could happen sometime in 2018, and it would likely be fantastic. The matches may not live up to the standard of Styles vs. Cena, but if the WWE let these two go wild together, it could be the start of a red-hot push that Balor sorely deserves.

2. Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman is a top star in the making in WWE, as he exploded into the main event in 2017. If the WWE are serious about him at the top, a rivalry with John Cena could be a big test for The Monster Among Men. Strowman is hotter than ever, and although it’s unlikely this match would happen at ‘Mania (Taker vs. Cena is still reportedly planned), this would be a perfect SummerSlam rivalry. In order for Strowman to finally step up to the main event spot and potentially challenge for the Universal Championship, he would have to go over Cena. But given how hot he’s been, that makes perfect sense in what would be a great match.


1. Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe and John Cena have a history together, and it comes from way back in 2000 when they trained together before joining ROH and WWE, respectively. It’s about time for that to come full circle. There have been rumors going around that this is a planned matchup for before WrestleMania, and we saw Joe call out Cena on this past week's episode of Raw, so it looks to be going ahead. It’s certainly not going to be either man’s best rivalry, but if done properly, this could propel Joe all the way to the main event, the place he truly deserves to be.

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