10 Superstars John Cena Has Never Defeated

It is nearly impossible to think of a scenario in which a current superstar goes on to have a run like that of John Cena, who dominated the WWE for over a decade. With an astonishing resume that consists of 16 World Championships, two Royal Rumbles, five United States titles, and more - Cena stood head and shoulders above all other performers from his generation.

There is a reason as to why he was known as SuperCena for many years, which made it quite the task to assemble this list of 10 WWE Superstars that John Cena has never defeated!

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10 Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura came to the WWE around the same time John Cena turned into a part-time performer, which meaning that the two superstars didn't cross each others' path very often. They have only had one solo match so far which took place in 2017 to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship on SmackDown.

Nakamura emerged victorious that day and holds a record of 1-0 against Cena. In their next meetup, they were part of Team SmackDown for the 2017 Survivor Series, although their team came up short at the end. Their final encounter occurred at the 2018 Royal Rumble when Nakamura eliminated Cena from the match.

9 Vince McMahon

Over the years, Vince McMahon has made life tough for John Cena from time to time as the two have been on-screen rivals in the past. Given his Mr. McMahon gimmick, the Chairman returns every now and then to stir up some drama, so it's no surprise that he ran into some problems with Cena along the way.

In 2010, Cena was in the midst of an intense feud with Batista when he was booked to face McMahon in a No Disqualification Gauntlet contest. Thanks to outside interferences, McMahon was able to pick up a surprising victory against the 16 time WWE World Champion.

8 Spirit Squad

The Spirit Squad spent most of their stint feuding with D-Generation X, but that led to some encounters with John Cena due to his association with the stable. And while Cena did defeat members of The Spirit Squad in one-on-one contests, he has never been able to get a victory over the group.

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They picked up a victory against him and Shawn Michaels during a tag team match on Raw, while their second encounter finished in a no contest. Years later, Cena went on to have a lengthy feud with Dolph Ziggler who started off his journey as a member of the infamous group.

7 Neville

In 2015, John Cena decided to take a break from the main event scene as he took it upon himself to bring back credibility to the United States Championship. With a weekly challenge on Raw, Cena took on different opponents - many of whom he had never faced before such as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Among his challengers was Neville who did manage to pick up a win over Cena, albeit it was due to disqualification. Although Cena did retain the title, Neville had the last laugh as the former has never defeated him and likely never will.

6 Tommy Dreamer

Known for being the heart and soul of the original ECW, Tommy Dreamer was never treated with such respect in the WWE. While most of his stint was spent in random matches and tag teams, Dreamer was still able to add some accolades to his resume including the WWE Hardcore Championship as well as the ECW Championship.

But perhaps one of his most significant victories came in 2002 when he picked up a win over a rookie John Cena, who had just transitioned from OVW. It was the first and only time that these two superstars met in the squared circle.

5 Jerry Lawler

One wouldn't expect Jerry Lawler and John Cena to have faced off in the past since the former was already a commentator when the latter made his in-ring debut. Surprisingly, Lawler has a record of 3-0 against him with two victories going back to OVW when The King teamed up with Nova to overcome Cena and Sean O’Haire.

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They would only meet up once more in 2011 when Lawler won a Raw Rumble against many participants including Cena. They also had the chance to join forces for once when the team of Cena, Lawler, Batista, MVP and Mr. Kennedy defeated Legacy, Big Show and The Miz on Raw.

4 Billy Gunn

In 2003, John Cena was among the fastest rising superstars in the WWE as his popularity reached new levels overnight. On the other hand, Billy Gunn was struggling to find a place on the roster so it will surprise many readers to learn that he managed to pick up a win over Cena at the time.

The match was apart of a tournament to determine the new WWE United States Champion, and Cena fell short of his mission due to The Undertaker's interference. While most superstars would prefer a clean pinfall against their opponent, there is no doubt that Gunn accepts a victory over Cena by any means necessary.

3 Kevin Federline

For a very brief period, Kevin Federline was once a WWE Superstar. Following his highly publicized split with Britney Spears, Federline embarked on a new journey by appearing on WWE television, which eventually led to some tension between himself and then reigning WWE Champion John Cena.

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Not only did Federline cost Cena a number of matches, but the feud turned personal at some point to result in a bout on Raw. Thanks to a much-needed assist from Umaga as well as Johnny Nitro, Kevin Federline pinned Cena in the ring in one of the biggest upsets in WWE history.

2 Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon was away from the WWE for much of John Cena's run at the top. By the time he came back as an active superstar, Cena was already a part-time performer. A one on one match has yet to take place although they did face off in two tag team matches in the past, both in which McMahon snatched the victory.

Now that McMahon has become more active than ever as a top superstar, it wouldn't be surprising to see them meet again in the future - but it's likely that the outcome would be different this time around.

1 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns might very well be John Cena's kryptonite given his 3-0 record against him. The new face of the WWE has fared well against the old guard to prove that it is indeed his yard now.

Their first match came at No Mercy in 2017 which had a tense buildup to say the least. Reigns would earn a second win over Cena just a few months later, while his final victory took place during a live event in 2018.

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