If there’s one thing that makes fans tune into WWE pay-per-views or attend live events it’s the big name WWE Superstars that headline the shows. Main events like Hulk Hogan versus Andre The Giant or The Rock versus John Cena will sell out WrestleMania’s in a matter of minutes. Even today, when Roman Reigns takes on AJ Styles, the WWE knows they have a match that will draw in viewers.

That said, the WWE is facing a real crisis in that they don’t have a lot of guaranteed main event caliber talents on the roster. With some tremendous in-ring talents showing their stuff, WWE is still using names like Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor and others in smaller roles on the midcard. Instead, they call upon some of the same names they’ve been using for years and it isn’t working.

Here are five main event wrestlers who really shouldn’t be in the main event.

5. Kane

via dailyddt.com

Ask most WWE fans and they’ll tell you same, Kane has no place in the WWE main event scene. Just last year Kane was a comedic joke on WWE television, acting as a corporate stooge. He disappeared and returned as the demonic and indestructible Kane, taking out competitor after competitor. Right now he’s giving Braun Strowman all he can handle.

The problem here with Kane is that his dominance isn’t believable. He’s spent so much time as an irrelevant character on TV that to bring him back and expect fans to believe he could take out the likes of Finn Balor with relative ease just annoys fans.


4. Jinder Mahal

via Sportsnet.ca

He was given the ball earlier in 2017 and for the most part, he ran much farther with it than anyone would have ever expected. The reality is, Jinder Mahal didn’t bring in viewers and draw numbers the way a main eventer should have.

It looks like his time as a main eventer might be coming to a close as his last shot at the WWE Title might be this Sunday at Clash of Champions. That said, there is no way to know if the WWE is planning on putting the belt back around his waist.

3. Randy Orton

via popculture.com

Randy Orton will go down as one of the most respected and talented WWE performers of a generation but his time in the main event has passed. He’s likely the most irrelevant part of the main event on Sunday’s Clash of Champions show, and for some reason the WWE insists on giving him victories over much more deserving Superstars.

Orton is easily on the back-half of his WWE career and this is the time that he should be helping elevate other stars that will be the future of the company. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

2. John Cena

Via WWE.com

John Cena is understandably a main event name in WWE, but he shouldn’t be. Survivor Series was a prime example of the WWE throwing him into the main event for only one reason — he’s John Cena. That should no longer fly.

He’s now officially a part-time performer and busy making movies or appearing on other programs. He’s better suited to put over talent or appear in higher-card matches. But, the main event should be reserved for talent who will be a part of the long-term plan for WWE. That’s no longer John Cena.


1. Brock Lesnar

via hiddenremote.com

It might be difficult to argue that Brock Lesnar isn’t a main event draw for the WWE. In many respects, he’s still the most popular figure (outside of The Rock) to wrestle every now and again for the company. But, that’s the problem when describing Lesnar. You have to use the phrase “every now and again.” It still feels odd to say that he’s a part-time character considering how long he’s been back with the company. Yet, his only employment is the WWE and he’s the Universal Champion.

Lesnar is an attraction and he should be treated as such. But, he doesn’t have to be in the main event to get value out of his matches. He could start the pay-per-view and it would still be a big part of the show.

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