5 Superstars Randy Orton Should Team With Instead Of Nakamura At Clash Of Champions

WWE superstar Randy Orton and a partner are set to face Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view on Dec. 17. Commissioner Shane McMahon revealed that Orton will be able to choose his own partner, which has yet to be revealed.

But Shinsuke Nakamura did come out to save Orton from an attack by Owens on Zayn at the end of the show, so that hinted that the Legend Killer may already have found his partner.

However, there are a handful of superstars that seem to be better fits for Orton, when it comes to storylines, future feuds and such. Here are five guys that would be better partners with Orton than Nakamura.

5. Jason Jordan

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With all due respect to Kurt Angle's storyline son, Jason Jordan simply doesn't have a chance on Monday Night Raw right now. The crowd is rejecting him, and nothing is working for him there. But the in-ring ability is excellent, so WWE can't give up on Jordan - they need to refine him.

A move to SmackDown - at least for this one match - is best for Jordan. Could he finally start to get over by proving his ability to work with a future Hall of Famer in Orton? Will he finally start to develop into the ultimate babyface?

Thing is, Nakamura is already over with the crowd and should get his big push soon. Jordan is still a work in progress, and probably needs this match more than Nakamura right now.


4. Chris Jericho

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A little bit of nostalgia couldn't hurt, and Chris Jericho has appeared as a mystery partner before (for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns at Night of Champions 2015). Bringing back Y2J to go up with Orton and two of his biggest rivals in his latest run could make for an excellent match, and it would certainly please the old-timer fans.


With Nakamura, it's unlikely he and Orton would form an alliance. It'd probably be a one-off, so why not make this match entertaining while they can? Bringing back Jericho - who's busy schedule with Fozzy will keep him away from the WWE for a while - would be an early Christmas gift for WWE fans.


And hey, isn't Y2J making a list...checking it twice...going to find out WHO JUST MADE THE LIST?

3. Bobby Roode

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I like the idea of Bobby Roode being able to compete for the United States Championship at NOC. But if he loses, then it's just a wasted opportunity for him. At any rate, I believe it's best to push him by putting Roode in a match with top-tier talent that features Orton, Owens and Zayn.

Roode has gotten over with the crowd quickly, and shouldn't be held in the mid-card for too long. With Dolph Ziggler hinting at leaving the WWE soon, their feud isn't going to last long.

Roode put on a show at Survivor Series, and has proven he can work with the best already. Having him and Orton work together could give plenty of momentum for Roode, and I just think it's time to get the man going. No more holding back.

2. Shane McMahon

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We still don't really know if Shane McMahon's feud with Owens and Zayn is over. But one thing's for sure: It's been a great rivalry between the three men, and I'm not ready to see it end just yet.

Put Shane O'Mac in the match, and you have four of the biggest names and most talented wrestlers sharing the ring. This also comes down to the usual can't-go-wrong-with-veterans philosophy.

Maybe the creative team wants Orton's partner to be a younger talent like Nakamura, who's trying to build up his character. But nobody ever gets tired of seeing Shane wrestle, and this would be an awesome tag team match with his involvement.

1. Finn Balor

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Finn Balor supposedly isn't over, according to Vince McMahon. There are also rumors of a Superstar Shake-Up and Kevin Owens heading over to Raw. If that's the case, then Balor seems like the ideal candidate to join SmackDown - and having him arrive as Orton's mystery partner would be one way to make the move work.

Balor has been feuding with mid-card wrestlers, even though he's shown the potential to be a main event star.  He and Orton could be a great duo, and it may finally help The Demon King get over once and for all.

But even a one-off appearance on SmackDown would work nicely. Balor is a great talent, and could make this match one of the best in 2017.


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