5 Superstars That Team Raw NEEDS For Survivor Series

Just when we thought the main event of TLC on Sunday night was as chaotic as things could possibly get, WWE tops that with the finale of this week's Raw. Despite only being 24 hours removed from the whirlwind that was Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, Monday night's show was focused on beginning the build to Survivor Series. WWE's next pay-per-view will not only feature both brands, but it will be focused around Raw's Superstars going up against the men and women of SmackDown Live. One of the matches will feature five of Raw's best men going up against their Tuesday night counterparts. Just as Kurt Angle was about to reveal his all-star team, however, Shane McMahon and his roster attacked. So, which five Superstars will make the cut for team red?

5. Finn Balor

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Finn Balor had a very up and down week. At TLC,  the Irishman donned his demon paint and went head to head with AJ Styles in an impromptu dream match and emerged with the win. 24 hours later, another demon, Kane, was looking for some competition on Raw and Balor answered the call. Shockingly though, Balor couldn't make it two wins in two nights. The Big Red Machine delivered three big chokeslams to his opponent and picked up the win. What's next for Balor now after a mixed few days? Well, it's hard not to have a man of his talent in your Survivor Series team, although maybe Angle should insist on him wearing his paint at the event because it seems to bring something out of him.


4. Kane

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Speaking of The Devil's Favorite Demon, how can Kurt Angle ignore Kane when selecting the five men he wants to go into battle for Raw at Survivor Series? The man has only been back for a week and has already wreaked an awful lot of havoc in those seven days. He's taken out Roman Reigns, defeated Balor as detailed in the previous entry, and most impressively, he seems to have incapacitated Braun Strowman. Kane may not work well with others, but his impact as part of the team would be unquestionable. Also, if WWE shows some self-control, Survivor Series is where they could bring back Strowman. The Monster Among Men could show up for revenge on Kane, throwing Team Raw's chance at victory into the trash.


3. Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt being included in Raw's Survivor Series team obviously depends on one big thing in particular—his health heading into the show. If the rumors are true, and Wyatt has been suffering from viral meningitis or the mumps, then he should hopefully be ready for the pay-per-view in time. That may even be why WWE decided against announcing Raw's five-man team as early as this past Monday. They themselves may be waiting on the health of Wyatt before they make a final decision but if he is fit and ready, he's a must for the red team.

2. Roman Reigns

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Another man that WWE will be eagerly waiting for the return of is Roman Reigns. Apparently, The Big Dog has been sidelined with mumps, which caused him to miss TLC and Raw the night after. If Reigns is fit and healthy in time, then he will undoubtedly be a part of Team Raw at Survivor Series. Most of Roman's time recently has been taken up by The Shield reunion, but at next month's pay-per-view, his fellow Hounds Of Justice will have to take on SmackDown Live's Tag Team Champions, The Usos. Never fear though, that first Shield match since their reunion is going to happen, you just might have a bit of a wait thanks to Survivor Series and Reigns' mumps.


1. Kurt Angle

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Amidst the chaos that was the SmackDown Live roster invading the Raw locker room, it may have slipped many fans' minds that we witnessed history on Sunday night. Angle returned to a WWE ring for the first time in 11 years, and what's more, he rolled back those years and won the match for his team. That was not apparent when Raw was under siege. WWE had the show's General Manager look like a frightened old man. They need to remedy that by having Angle declare that he will lead his Raw Superstars into battle at Survivor Series. He proved he can still go at TLC and who knows, maybe it'll lead to a Kurt Angle versus Shane McMahon rematch 16 and a half years after the pair of them clashed in a brutal street fight.


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