Superstars React To Chad Gable's Star-Making Clash Of Champions Performance

The Usos may have retained the Tag Team Titles at Clash Of Champions, but they weren't the talking point of their championship match.

For a large part of 2017, the SmackDown Live tag team division has pretty much revolved around two teams, The Usos and The New Day. The two tremendous teams traded the titles back and forth over the summer in what was one of the top rivalries on Tuesday nights this past summer.

Unfortunately though, the two teams can't fight forever and for the past month or so WWE has been trying to introduce new teams into the mix. That's why Jimmy and Jey had to defend their championships in a fatal four-way tag team match at Clash Of Champions. They were joined by New Day, Benjamin and Gable, along with Rusev and Aiden English. The twins managed to win the bout, but it isn't them that people have been talking about since.


The stand out Superstar from the chaotic tag match was Chad Gable. The former amateur wrestler was delivering some incredibly brutal looking German suplexes and caught the eye of those in the match with him as well as many watching on. The reigning champions had high praise for him on Talking Smack following the pay-per-view and even The Human Suplex Machine himself, Taz commented on Gable's performance on The Taz Show.

"I've seen him talk, I've seen him when he and Jason Jordan were a team...he's damn sure athletic enough, tough enough, and able enough," says Taz.

As you can see above Xavier Woods, who was watching his fellow New Day members compete from ringside, also had high praise for the former American Alpha guy. Following the performance from Gable last night, the general consensus among fans on Twitter seems to be that he should be given a fair crack as a singles star, and some people are saying that he should have been chosen to be Kurt Angle's son as opposed to Jason Jordan.


What comes next for Chad Gable and the SmackDown Live tag team division in general will be very interesting. Don't be surprised if WWE decides to break up Benjamin and Gable sometime very soon. The team wasn't exactly working out before and the championship match on Sunday night is just further proof that both men in the team would probably be better off alone.

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