Superstars Lose Their Minds Over Drake Maverick Eating Wings With A Fork

Is there a wrong way to eat chicken wings?

Those of the wrestling community think so. 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick has made some people upset because of a picture that has surfaced of him eating chicken wings. Wrestling is one of the toughest sports to ever exist, and being tough is a trait that is expected of all wrestlers no matter what type of gimmick they have. The fact about Drake Maverick eating chicken wings was not the problem that upset people. It is his preferred way of eating the chicken wings which has wrestlers attacking him.

Watching @wwemaverick eat chicken wings with a fork and knife. #dudedate #blackpanther

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The anger stems from an Instagram post via EC3 which shows Drake Maverick eating a piece of a chicken wing with a fork. This may lead one to wonder if the native from the United Kingdom have certain cultural norms that are different than the United States. Forks may be customary in the United Kingdom, and that could be one explanation of Drake Maverick digging in with a fork. This cultural thing might not have been on the minds of some of the fans and wrestlers, thus bringing in the vitriol onto one of their peers.

There has to be a plausible reason for eating chicken wings with a fork. Eating chicken wings can get quite messy sometimes, and this may be another explanation of why Maverick chose to use a fork and a knife, but you can't tell that to the wrestling community. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting called out by your peers, especially in the age of social media. This is the type of heat no wrestler or general manager for that manner wants to be associated with.

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Now on to the relentless comments made by some of the stars of the WWE. Heath Slater has had a few ups and downs in his career, more downs that ups but he is able to generate a laugh from the audience as was demonstrated a few years ago when he dressed up like a scarecrow and was utterly demolished by Ryback on a Halloween episode of RAW. Heath Slater makes a comment towards Maverick stating "Tell him to be a man and pick that damn thing up.." Sasha Banks adds insult to injury as well with a short message that reads "Pisses me off." Who would have thought that eating a chicken wing with a fork could generate so much heat?

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