Superstars React To Omega & Jericho's AMAZING Wrestle Kingdom Match

One of the biggest matches in New Japan Pro Wrestling's history happened on Thursday and naturally, Twitter blew up following the result.

It was the match that it feels like the whole wrestling world has been waiting for. Chris Jericho versus Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12. One of those build-ups and matches that reminded us almost anything can happen in pro wrestling. A WWE guy competing against one of the top performers in New Japan at the Tokyo Dome in the co-main event of Wrestle Kingdom, surely that could never happen, right?


Well, it did, and it was every bit as incredible as we all hoped it would be. Chris Jericho at the age of 47 put on one of the best performances of his career as the two men from Winnipeg went about settling their differences in the ring. Ultimately, it was The Cleaner who wound up victorious but take nothing away from Jericho, his performance was outstanding.

While neither man has outwardly tweeted anything about the match on social media at the time of typing this, both wrestlers have been active on Twitter retweeting fans who have been congratulating the two of them on their incredible match. Fitting really considering that Twitter is the platform where the rivalry began.

The recently retired Bubba Ray Dudley also had high praise for both men. Dudley took to Twitter shortly after the event to let both men and the rest of the world know his thoughts on the match. 'Believable near finishes, registering, selling and most importantly...emotion', Dudley tweeted. Also, don't tell Vince McMahon but there were also WWE guys watching the match, despite the awkward time of day the show aired in the United States due to the time difference. Tye Dillinger was very active on social media throughout the entirety of Wrestle Kingdom and was clearly very impressed with pretty much the whole card. He even hinted at having a match with Omega himself.

Yet, he played with fans a little when asked who he was rooting for.

That's it for now, at least when it comes to the rivalry between Jericho and Omega, and the culmination certainly wasn't an anti-climax. Alpha versus Omega may well have been the match of the night on a card that was stacked from top to bottom. Let's hope they do it again some time, Jericho wins, and that means they have to have a third and final bout to decide who is truly the best in the world.


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Superstars React To Omega & Jericho's AMAZING Wrestle Kingdom Match