Superstars React To Seth Rollins' Gauntlet Match Performance

When news broke over the weekend that the seven men stepping inside the Elimination Chamber on Sunday would be competing in a gauntlet match on Raw, most probably didn't think much of it. Little did we all know that it would turn out to be the epic matchup that it did and would occupy almost two of the three hours that are reserved for Raw every Monday night.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were the first two men in the ring and The Architect began what would be an epic run by shocking the WWE Universe and defeating The Big Dog. He followed that up by sending John Cena packing also. Elias was the man who finally ended Rollins night but by that point the first ever NXT Champion had been wrestling for over an hour.

It isn't only fans that have been congratulating Rollins on his incredible outing on Monday night. Finn Balor, who replaced The Kingslayer in the gauntlet match after his elimination, took to Twitter and declared that he had nothing but respect for his chamber rival and the performance he put on. Even Reigns who was the first to be eliminated by Rollins took to Twitter to congratulate his fellow Hound Of Justice, although he did say that there won't be a repeat of that on Sunday inside the Elimination Chamber.

Rollins also tweeted about his performance once he had recovered from the match, citing that 'It’s nights like these when I remember why I fell in love with professional wrestling'. The incredible performance only adds credence to the belief that we are about to get a second coming of the two time WWE Champion. Before his serious knee injury he was one of the top guys in the company but since his return he has floundered a little.


Monday night was a stark reminder to both fans and certain people backstage at WWE alike that Rollins can be the face of the company. He has been compared to Shawn Michaels in the past and his performance on Raw would have been one that the Heartbreak Kid himself would have been proud of.


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