5 Superstars That Could Be Sister Abigail

Bray Wyatt has been portraying the patriarch of the Wyatt Family for over five years now. At this current moment in time, he may not have any followers but he is still very much the same Eater of Worlds that we have become extremely familiar with. Despite being around for so long, there is still one aspect of Wyatt's character that remains shrouded in mystery, Sister Abigail. It's the name of Wyatt's finisher, but also the aura that seemingly gives Wyatt his power. Abigail has been referenced throughout Wyatt's career and for the most part, WWE has made out that the Wyatt sister is not a physical person but rather a mysterious force. That was until this past Monday on Raw. Wyatt delivered an extremely eerie promo to Finn Balor, during which he revealed that Sister Abigail is alive and she is eager to meet The Demon. If WWE has indeed cast someone to play the role of Abigail, who could it be?


5. Nikki Cross

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When running down the roster of women who are currently employed by WWE, none jump off the page as a potential Sister Abigail quite as much as Nikki Cross. You'd have to imagine that if there is going to be a Sister Abigail, then WWE would want her to be somewhat unhinged, and they don't come any more unhinged than the SAnitY member. Cross also has no qualms when it comes to attacking male Superstars, which could also prove to be very handy. Moving Cross away from her current faction, SAnitY, probably wouldn't be that much of an issue either. The rest of the group are just as crazy as her and have already cut one member out of their faction for no particular reason in Sawyer Fulton, so who's saying they couldn't do that to Nikki too?

4. Shayna Baszler

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WWE recently had an influx of extremely talented women performing under their roof as they hosted the Mae Young Classic. There are, of course, any number of women who competed in the tournament that could feasibly portray Sister Abigail but perhaps the best choice would be former MMA star, Shayna Baszler. It would take the storyline down a very different avenue than having Nikki Cross play the role though. Baszler as Abigail would see the female Wyatt represented as a cool, calm and collected representative of Bray that effectively hunts her prey. Shayna could trap Superstars by order of Wyatt and use her choke hold to put them to sleep. If done right, it could become a really creepy and interesting angle.


3. Paige

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Paige has been away from WWE for around a year and a half now. However, the last few weeks have seen the two-time Divas' Champion along with WWE promising that the British Superstar is on the verge of a comeback. Paige is currently training at WWE's Performance Center and will be back on Raw or SmackDown Live any day now. The timing of that seems a little coincidental if you ask us. When it comes to sheer look alone,  no one is more suited to playing a physical manifestation of Sister Abigail than Paige. The pale complexion and the black hair, she's almost too perfect for the role. Wyatt could even claim that the reason Paige has been away for so long is because Sister Abigail has been occupying her vessel. As creepy and out there it may be, we are talking about a man claiming to be powered by a spirit battling another who transforms into a demon.


2. Asuka

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Asuka is coming. In less than three weeks time The Empress of Tomorrow will have made her debut on the main roster as a part of the Raw brand. Every week we are being reminded that the former NXT Women's Champion will be making her presence known at TLC, but as of right now, we don't know exactly what she'll be doing. Some fans would assume Asuka would have been challenging for the Raw Women's Championship right off the bat, but that spot has been taken by Mickie James at TLC. While the obvious will just be a squash match against someone like Emma or Alicia Fox, there is the outside chance that the Japanese Superstar could be revealed as an ally of Bray Wyatt. Vince McMahon is famously not a fan of foreign stars whose English isn't great, what better way to get around that than to have Asuka portray a character that doesn't need to say a word?


1. Everybody

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Let's be honest, while it's very feasible that WWE will simply select a female Superstar that we already know and have us believe she is Sister Abigail, that's a pretty bad way of doing things. The best thing WWE can do to make this idea work if they really do want to introduce a physical manifestation of the entity behind Wyatt's powers is to keep Sister Abigail as a spirit or a force.Wyatt can simply instill the spirit of Abigail into female Superstars of his choosing. He can have Sister Abigail possess different people each week and have them do his bidding. At TLC we'll be led to believe it's one woman in particular, but then the following night on Raw it could be someone else. It would be incredibly intriguing and almost give Bray Wyatt a supervillain persona as his foes try to figure out how to stop him and Sister Abigail.


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