10 Superstars The Undertaker Has Never Defeated

If there's one person in WWE history who has probably been in the ring with everyone significant the last 3 decades, it's The Undertaker. More than that, he's more than likely got a win or many wins over said opponents. One of the benefits of being an undead, zombie-wizard with a magic urn and the power to un-dim the lights from across the room, right? Well, his record isn't without some surprises, most notably in this list of names who he never defeated. Not just didn't defeat, but actively lost against. That's right, there's enough of them to fill a list! As long as we get to include some 'Mean Mark' examples. Deal? Cool.

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Using the IWD we swept the records to find the rare few who ended up never losing to The Undertaker. The list was short, but the names were an interesting assortment. What we found will definitely provide an interesting discussion. Unfortunately, Irwin R. Schyster isn't among the list because there's a decent 'death and taxes' joke we had brewing. Can't win 'em all. Unlike these guys, who did! Hey, got it over the line!

10 Roman Reigns - 2 Wins, 1 Elimination

Considering how WWE has gotten behind Roman Reigns this is the least surprising on the list, hence only in the tenth spot. The second man to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns has in fact never lost to him. His most famous match against The Undertaker was not his only victory though. He and The Shield on an episode of Raw were able to defeat him and Team Hell No, Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Or you could say The Brothers of Destruction with Daniel Bryan. Either way. The point is that Roman Reigns decisively holds the edge over The Undertaker. When it comes to yard ownership within WWE, it appears the Big Dog has the big deed. For the sake of completeness, they also competed in the Royal Rumble '17, and guess who threw out The Deadman? Yup, Roman Archibald Reigns, Esquire.

9 Randy Savage - 1 Win

Considering the fame of when Undertaker turned face against Jake The Snake over Randy Savage, you might guess they'd have had a series of matches somewhere along the line. Anyone who has a series with The Undertaker surely lost one or two somewhere, right?

Not so. According to records, their only official confrontation occurred in a tag team match featuring Jim Duggan and Jake The Snake, respectively. Duggan and Savage were victorious, but that's it except for Royal Rumbles. They were both in the Royal Rumble in '91 and '93. Savage outlasted him in '91. In '93 The Undertaker got eliminated by non-entrant Giant Gonzalez, while Randy Savage got eliminated by the winner Yokozuna, albeit while trying to go for a pin during a Rumble match, which doesn't speak highly of him. The record books stand though, with Randy Savage never tasting defeat between the two.

8 Lex Luger - 1 Win

These two men only crossed paths once within WWE. At the Survivor Series '93 where they were on a team. Luger outlasted The Undertaker as Luger won the match while The Undertaker was eliminated. As adversaries, we have to look back to the NWA '93 Great American Bash to see what went down.

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Pre-Undertaker 'Mean' Mark Callous challenged 'Total Package' Lex Luger for his United States Championship. Interestingly enough, Paul Heyman was managing Callous in his Paul E. Dangerously days. It was also none other than 'JR' Jim Ross on commentary as well, so it feels close enough to WWE in those ways. After Paul interfered on Callous' behalf Lex clocked both Paul and then Mark to keep the US title and secure an undefeated record between the two.

7 Lance Storm - 2 Wins

If I can be serious for a minute, Lance Storm is somehow, someway, undefeated against The Undertaker. That's despite being in a group called The Un-Americans and feuding directly with 'The American Badass'. Pretty impressive you might say? Less so when you get into the details. Test and Christian actually scored the two pinfall wins in multi-man tag matches for this record. However, both of those men have lost to The Undertaker directly. Only Lance escaped unblemished.

The other time they were in a match together was, again, a Royal Rumble. 2002 to be precise. The Undertaker eliminated 7 out of 11 of the first entrants in that Rumble, and since he can't eliminate himself, that's 70%! But he didn't get Lance at #5. If you wanna get fancy, Lance was eliminated by Tough Enough Head Trainer Al Snow, while Undertaker was surprisingly eliminated by Tough Enough Alumni, Maven. Head Trainer > winning contestant, so point to Lance Storm?

6 Rick & Scott Steiner - 1 Win

The Steiner Brothers are one of the most revered tag teams ever, so they make a bit of sense holding a victory over The Undertaker. They did it with the help of Road Warrior Animal, at an NWA Worldwide Wrestling show in 1990, defeating 'Mean' Mark Callous and 3 other guys in a handicap tag team match.

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So even with the numbers on his side, in this case, The Undertaker couldn't stand up to a tag team of premier tag specialists. The other incident between them was the aforementioned Survivor Series match won by Lex Luger. Both Steiners joined The Undertaker in being eliminated, however. So that one is a push.

5 Seth Rollins - 1 win

The other member of The Shield with a clean sheet over The Deadman. Seth Rollins' win is the other undefeated Shield member from that 6-man tag match. Taking place in London England, it was another chaotic encounter during The Shield's golden run. Ending when Daniel Bryan missed a flying headbutt and Ambrose rolled him up for the three, it was another notch on this unit's belt.

This was also 'shaved head deadman' Undertaker, fresh off of his final Streak win over CM Punk. If you want to legitimize a team there are few wins bigger than one over The Undertaker at that point, and as long as Seth avoids him until he retires, he'll always stay one up. I guess it depends on whether a Saudi prince wants to see The Undertaker take Seth's (presumed) Universal Championship or not.

4 Sheamus - 1 Win

This one surprised the hell out of me considering Sheamus' proximity to The Undertaker for so long. Surely in some form or fashion, he'd have gone down to The Undertaker, but nope. In all the years these two have officially crossed paths only once. A post-Raw dark match triple threat in a steel cage. With John Cena.

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This was during Sheamus' 2nd WWE Championship reign that everybody forgets because he won and lost it as an aside to The Nexus storyline. In the match he was once again the third wheel, weaseling out the cage door while Undertaker had Cena in Hell's Gate inside the ring. But a win is a win, and in their one encounter, Sheamus bested The Undertaker.

3 Chyna - 1 Win

Didn't see this one coming either did ya? Ask anyone on the planet what happened on the August 9th, 1999 episode of Raw, and you'll only get one answer. The debut of 'Y2J' Chris Jericho! But in the main event that night, Chyna defeated both Triple H and The Undertaker to become the number #1 contender to Stone Cold Steve Austin at SummerSlam. There were shenanigans galore to make it happen though.

This match was (deep breath) a Triple Threat - No Holds Barred - Falls Count Anywhere: Special Referee, Special Commentator match! Shawn Michaels refereed the contest. Governor of Minnesota, Jesse 'The Body' Ventura sat in on commentary. Finally, Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to waffle Triple H with a steel chair at the end, then dragged Chyna on top for the pinfall out on the floor. 9th Wonder, 1 winner.

2 The Ultimate Warrior - 1 Win

The battle of the guys who hardly ever lost! These two had a bodybag match in Madison Square Garden that The Ultimate Warrior 'won.' This match-type is long forgotten and perhaps it's for the best. When The Ultimate Warrior grabbed The Urn and 'clobbered' The Undertaker, Gorilla Monsoon on commentary said: "he knocked The Undertaker silly!" Well, silly is the best way to describe this match.

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When two of the biggest ever names are basically attempting to zip up a sleeping bag over their opponents, there's little to recommend it. Perhaps the funniest thing you'll ever see is The Ultimate Warrior daintily fluffing out the bag so he can better secure it on his opponent for the win. All that aside, the important thing is the 'W' for The Ultimate Warrior, proving his 'ultimateness' more than ever in this match that looked like a sleepover game.

1 Ahmed Johnson - 1 Win

This one catches everybody off guard, but it's true. The single time these two were in a scheduled match against each other was a battle royal where the winner got a shot at the WWF Championship. The thing is, Undertaker was embroiled in his conflict with Mankind at the time. So while Ahmed went on to win the match, Undertaker had immediately eliminated himself and Mankind to kick things off.

So the two never even touched, they were in the ring together for all of 9 seconds (I counted), but Johnson picked up the ''W'. Thus, when you check the record books, Ahmed Johnson, The Pearl River Powerhouse, forever has one up on The Phenom.

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