5 Superstars WWE NEEDS To Send To NXT

Professional wrestling is an ever-changing industry that is continually evolving. WWE is the pinnacle of the business, of course, and you only have to watch an episode of Raw from ten years or so ago to see how much the company has changed on the surface in the last decade. Well, it hasn't just changed on the surface. One of the biggest alterations to the very structure of WWE in recent years is the introduction and rise of NXT. Before the brand along with the Performance Center existed down at Full Sail University, there were merely developmental territories that fed new Superstars to the main roster. It was effective, but nothing on the same scale as what NXT does today. In the past, it was pretty shameful to be sent back to developmental. Nowadays though, it shouldn't be seen as such considering the success of NXT, and here are a few stars who could benefit from sliding back down the scale.

5. Apollo Crews

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There is no real argument to be made against the fact that Apollo Crews was brought up to the main roster too soon. The incredibly gifted and athletic star had barely begun his career in NXT when he was plucked from developmental by Vince McMahon and made his debut on Monday night Raw. It came as quite a surprise to most fans when he appeared on the main roster, but we waited to see what the plan was. It turns out, there wasn't really much of a plan at all. The boss was clearly enamored with Crews' look and what he could do in the ring and that alone just isn't enough. Crews needs to work on who he is and his character, and that can be done back in NXT.


4. Mike and Maria Kanellis

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Since NXT has become a big deal, there are very few Superstars who are afforded the opportunity to go right onto the main roster, regardless of talent or previous experience. AJ Styles is one of the very few examples who has been gifted that opportunity, and since his debut, McMahon's decision to do that has been proven right. A more surprising act that got that treatment was Mike and Maria Kanellis. The real-life couple debuted at Money in the Bank earlier this year. Obviously, the reason they were shot straight to SmackDown Live is because Maria has been with WWE before. They haven't fared too well so far though and could definitely benefit from some time in NXT.


3. Tye Dillinger

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Someone who was not rushed up to the main roster by any stretch of the imagination was Tye Dillinger. In fact, the man we now know as The Perfect Ten has been a part of WWE's developmental system for longer than you probably realize. Dillinger was once known as Gavin Spears and wrestled in some of WWE's developmental territories ten years ago. He was even given a few matches on WWE's ECW reboot. That didn't work out for Dillinger, however, and in 2009, he left the company only to return four years later. It took a further four years on top of that—this time in NXT—before he made it onto the main roster. It hasn't exactly gone well for him though. The Perfect Ten may be the perfect example of an act that thrives at Full Sail but doesn't really work on Raw or SmackDown Live.


2. Nia Jax

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There is a Women's Revolution going on in WWE right now. However just because there are currently some incredibly talented female Superstars on both Raw and SmackDown Live right now doesn't mean that there aren't a couple sprinkled in there that aren't exactly polished. Nia Jax is one of those, and may even fall into the same bracket as Apollo Crews in terms of being called up for the wrong reasons. Nia looks different from all the other women she competes against. It's a good thing and is likely why she caught the eye of Vince McMahon. Her premature call-up has shined a spotlight on her less than perfected abilities in the ring, however. Some of the moves Nia performs look like they may cause injuries, and some have, so a bit of time in the Performance Center and back at NXT could definitely benefit her.


1. Dolph Ziggler

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This one would likely not go down to well if it was suggested to the man in question. If Triple H or Vince McMahon were to approach Dolph Ziggler and tell him he's being sent to NXT, then it would likely be the thing that finally drives The Showoff out the door. It would be a shame because not only would it help Ziggler create a new character for himself, but he would likely connect with the fans in a way that he hasn't managed to do in years. One thing the fans at Full Sail love is good wrestling and Ziggler can wrestle a fantastic match in his sleep. The former World Champion can give the fans that while he works on a gimmick that will make him fresh and ready for a return to the main roster.


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